Star Trek XI Sneak Peak ** Preview Pictorial **

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I'm not one to usually prejudge any production, sight unseen. But I just got a look at the new sneak preview pics of the upcoming Star Trek Movie. Slated number # XI in the Franchise latest incarnation. We Trek fans have been eagerly anticipating this movie for over a year and a half now. And I have to tell you. In my humble opinion, I am not impressed with what Ive seen so far. Now I might be wrong, this may be the best trek film ever. I'm not getting that "Trek" feeling from the Cast. Even the ship and uniforms do not adhere to canon. And don't get me started on that star cruiser the U.S.S. Kelvin (which by the way we have a similar ship design in the BCFiles TMP Archive). Now this is just starting to look like the "Rein-visioning" crap that took place with Battlestar Galactica. On speculation, I really hope the movie doesn't turn out to be a "sudsy "soap opera in space. Like the current Battlestar Galactica or worse yet a cheesy "Novella". What does this mean for the Trek Franchise? Alienate loyal fans just to rake in a fast buck? Perhaps. This looks like much more than a slight reboot to Me. But, I'll let you be the Judge... BR32
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