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Q: What is DS9FX? A: Short answer - It is a wormhole mod. More detailed answer It adds a working wormhole to BC, using system 1 via system 2 to system 3 method. Or in other words you can go in between Bajoran system & Idran system (Gamma Quadrant exit point). There are some small addons to the mod too, I.E. the Comet Alpha going around the Bajoran Sun & back, random Dominion strike forces + over 30 customization options via UMM... Except the wormhole... DS9FX has a cool new feature, the ability to play missions. You just hail DS9, pick the mission you want & play it (all done in Quick Battle mode). I'm not going into details, not to spoil the surprise... But beta testers seem to like this new addon. The mod is intended to tribute DS9 Show. Q: Is the mod out yet, if not when it will be released? A: I did mention beta testers earlier, so it's in beta stages of development, you've seen a lot of POTD's recently but never found out anything about the mod or at least some bits of info! Anyway release date is in Winter 2006/07. Q: Requirements for the mod are? A: Foundation, NanoFX for ship blinkers (optional but highly recommended), Unified Main Menu (optional), Mleo's Sub menu mod (optional). Note: Some requirements might change but all newly added changes will be optional except Foundation in the final release Q: Is it possible to collapse a wormhole with a few torpedoes? A: No and it won't be. Q: Is the mod KM Compatible? A: The mod is KM Compatible, it's being extensively tested on the upcoming KM 1.0! Q: How big is the mod going to be? A: Very, very big. Currently it's over 300 MB, of course when uncompressed! Some DS9FX material a Video Preview posted @ bcfiles A very old preview, much progress was made since then: Preview Q: I saw many different wormhole textures, are there several wormholes in the mod? A: No, these are wormhole retextures done by P$YCH0, you can switch in between them with a click of a button in the UMM DS9FX Menu! Q: Mod seems to be designed for High end computers, what about lower end ones? A: It is designed for high end computers, but via UMM you can adapt DS9FX for your own computer. Lowest end computer it was tested on is P3 1GHZ, 256 MB RAM and it worked on it with no lags etc. Also ships that are included in the mod have their textures optimized for smoother gameplay, they all have specular maps and there are high, medium and low textures included for all of the ships. Q: How complex is the mod? A: Does > 15 000 lines of code say anything? Q: Are you going to create a whole universe maybe in future updates or in this upcoming release? A: That was never my plan so no. Q: Is the mod stable? A: In the latest released Beta almost no bugs were reported so for now it's very stable. Q: How do you trigger the wormhole? A: 1. Get in range 2. Open DS9FX Helm Menu 3. Press Enter Wormhole button 4. Watch the pretty cutscene of the wormhole opening & your ship entering it 5. You find yourself inside Bajoran Wormhole 6. You pick either to head back, explore the wormhole, or to exit to Idran system. Q: Will you encounter some ships on the other side of the wormhole? A: Yes you will encounter them if you enabled them in the UMM Configuration Menu. Q: What other major mods have you been involved with? A: I the project leader (USS Sovereign) was involved in creating BCS: The Beginning mod pack. I made many numerous improvements and beta versions of the mod that you use today to walk around the bridge; WalkFX. I guess I should also mention the mod which was a candidate for the mod of the year in 2005; Silent Running and many more. I help out as much as I can in the Kobayashi Maru 1.0 project, the best example is the Change Warp Speed 2.0 which was actually designed for KM 1.0. My XO and right hand P$YCH0 is the author of the great mod pack KM Pimped which enhances the KM ships and your experience. I had the privilege to test that mod. Also he has created an Excelsior pack, his Lakota is included in KM 1.0. Most of the DS9FX POTD's and preview shots are made by him. Q: What ships will be included? A: We will include all ships that were seen in the DS9 Show: Cardassian ships, Federation ships, Klingon ships, Dominion ships, Romulan ships. All ships have been either retextured or some exclusive ships are being made for DS9FX. We will make sure that DS9FX doesn't overwrite people's currently installed ships. Q: Are there any ships or models exclusive to this mod and who by? A: Inside wormhole GFX is the exclusive model made for DS9FX by blaxxer for a start, LC Amaral is the author of the Wormhole models. Blaxxer is in the process of making several stations and ships exclusive for DS9FX: Cardassian Galor, Bajoran ships, Dominion stations. Adonis is going to attempt to provide us with a brand new DS9 station which should have few surprises on it's own and whatever he else has planned. CaptainRussell has made a specialized Nebula class variant for DS9FX. Cube has provided us with Planet models and textures. P$YCH0's exclusive retextures should also be mentioned which are numerous. He made many different variants of Wormhole retextures, he is also working on improving ships textures and making new specular maps for those without them. Q: What will people find at the dominion side? A: You will find what you define in the customization menu. With all options turned on you will find a planet (a gas giant), 3 suns and 3 Dominion Bugships capable of detecting cloaked ships. This also depends if you're in a mission or not. During some missions you'll encounter a Dominion Station or even an armada of Dominion Ships and it'll be your job to take them out to complete the mission. Q: Who's providing the dominion vessels? A: Dominion stations are being provided by Blaxxer and current ships are being used from the community which are being retextured to be as cannon to the show as possible. We're still looking for the best option regarding that matter. Q: Will there be any missions? A: Yes there will be missions. Historic missions for a start, same concept and ships classes being used from the show. So if you want to play the mission to retake DS9 you will be able to play it. Mini Missions, these are small missions to have fun with if you're bored. So if you want an armada of Dominion ships coming out from the wormhole just choose those kind of missions or a random mystery missions to scan Comet Alpha and a random event happens. Campaign Missions, these missions all have a unique story so I better mention that there will be several campaigns 5-7 missions each. You should have it all from surveillance to fleet battles. Campaign saves your progress so you can't skip any missions. Q: What about allied ships? Will any such vessels be included? A: In each mission you will have the support from several ships if in the mission you require support. And by default there are several ships patrolling Bajor. Additionally you can always load up a QB Mission and add additional support ships if the mission is to hard for you. Q: How far along is the mod right now? A: The mod is as you all know in Beta Stages of development and I'm having in mind in releasing the mod somewhere in winter 2006/07. I'd say that overall completion of DS9FX is around 80%. More detailed list: Planned Features 99% (it's 99% cause I might always think of something new) Bugs Ironed Out 98% (few bugs to iron out here and there) GUI 95% (GUI needs a bit of work on it) Missions 25% (This is the latest addon to DS9FX and because of this it's why DS9FX was delayed in the 1st place) Ship Status: Federation: Centaur Defiant Excalibur Excelsior Galaxy Lakota (Excelsior variant) Miranda Nebula Akira (yet to be added) Danube class shuttle (yet to be added) Peragrine fighter (yet to be added) Klingon Empire: Bird of prey D7 Ktinga Neghvar Vorcha Romulan Empire: Warbird Cardassian Union: Galor (yet to be added) Keldon (yet to be added) Hideki Dominion: Dominion Warship Dominion Fighter
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