Stargate: Atlantis ** TO BE CANCELLED **

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I was totally shocked by this News. Which seems to be about a week or so old. MGM is pulling the plug on Stargate: Atlantis?! I'm posting this here because I know we have a huge Stargate SG:1 and Stargate: Atlantis fan base here. Now, I wasn't really thrilled with the way this current season is going. First Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter gets unceremoniously booted for Dr. Woolsey. IMHO, the worse character could not been added to the cast. The show seems rudderless and confused with each progressing episode. Stargate: Atlantis seems to have lost it's spark. Out of all the current episodes this season only two were descent. Not a good sign when the show's producers and writers stop caring. IMHO, when characters like Lt. Aiden Ford, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Dr. Carson Beckett started leaving the show with each progressive season should have been the first clue. I watched Stargate: Atlantis from the beginning. And it's a show I will personally hate to see go. The cancellation date is for January, 2009. If you want to show your Outrage? Here is a link to the Sci-Fi Stargate: Atlantis forum's petition page. It may or may not help. These cable networks are "monolithic", when it comes to programming changes. But If your a Stargate fan. And I know your out there.... Make you voices heard!! * Sci-fi's Stargate: Atlantis forum (Petition Thread) BR32

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