Starship Farragut: "For Want of a Nail" **Released**

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[i]Starship Farragut has released it's second episode called [b]"For Want of a Nail"[/b]. This new venture has Captain John-Thomas Carter on his first Diplomatic mission to planet Ocassa too trade with the technologically advanced Solonii. The Adventure is based on time travel. Threw a transporter malfunction the landing party is beamed back to the onset of the American Revolutionary War cr.1776 A.D. All is not as it seems. But, I won't give to much of the plot away. Though, I'm not a rabid fan of time travel episodes. I must say the the episode is well written. The acting Is a little stiff in places, compared to the first episode premiere [b]"The Captaincy"[/b] but it was enjoyable all the same. The special effects are nicer than one would expect form a fan production. If your a TOS fan, So, if you just want to satisfy your trek fix? This episode is certainly worth watching. Just [b]"Click"[/b] on the banner above to download the episode. -BR32[/i]

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