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Here is a project I have been following for some years. The Armada Project This mod merges the functionality of Bridge Commander in the style of another favorite game, Star Trek: Armada. Together is brings another level of Trek gaming to mot only Bridge Commander, but all lovers of Trek. To put ii simply- It's time to go to WAR! This modifications is not only eye candy, but is slated for Multiplayer gaming. A long neglected side to Bridge Commander modding. Here is a quote of some of the features from the TAP's Modding team...

The Armada Project Features: - Two complete working fleets: the United Federation of Planets, and the Romulan Star Empire. Including warships, support cruisers, civilian ships, starbase, defense turrets and construction yard. - Low-poligon models, aimed to be slow-computer friendly. - Reworked hardpoints and vessel classification, to be used in BCS-TNG's The Armada Project. - 100% Multiplayer compatible. Weapons and textures are aimed to reduce lag. - Slightly improved AI. Stronger ships will often attempt to close on enemy ships to maximize the damage. Vessel Classification: Federation: ----------- Battleships: Dreadnought: Sovereign Class Heavy Battleship: Galaxy Class Light Battleship: Prometheus Class Support Vessels: Destroyer: Steamrunner Class Heavy Cruiser: Sabre Class Light Cruiser: Intrepid Class Escort: Defiant Class Transport: Curry Class Fighter: Peregrine Class Science ship: Nova Class Romulan Empire: -------------- Battleships: Dreadnought: Scimitar Class Heavy Battleship: Dderidex Class Light Battleship: Norexan Class Support Vessels: Destroyer: Venator Class Heavy Cruiser: Dvethex Class Light Cruiser: Veles Class Escort: Firehawk Class Transport: Kerchan Class Fighter: Griffin Class Science ship: Talon Class Common vessels and stations: --------------------------- Starbase Drydock Torpedo Turret Phaser Turret Construction Ship Trade Freighter Credits: -------- Project Lead/Programming: -Wowbagger -CaptainKeyes Vessel Design: - Nighthawk - LCAmaral - RavenNight - Pneumonic81 - Totally Games Team - MadDoc Software Team Modelling/Hardpoints/SFX: - Nighthawk
This has been an very interesting on going project, that I have been personally following for 2 years. It is really very exciting to see the aspirations of such talented guys, finally come to light. If your interested in the happenings of this particular mod project? Please just "Click" on the mod banner above to link with the BCS-TNG forums, and be sure to say hi! They won't bite... much ;)
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