The Expansion, Past, Present, and Future

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Published by USS_Premonition 15 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Recent events have changed the Expansion, and this is what will happen: Uss_Donoghue is gone for at least 4 months (of his own will), and possibly longer. Daniel Rafferty and I (USS_Premonition) are going to redo the Expansion, under a new name, with entirely new policies. We are hoping to avoid all of the mistakes made by the original Expansion, and do this thing right. We have decided to this by making the entire production of the mod an open Beta, so that the modding community can test it at all stages. Besides, who better to give initial feedback then you? Hopefully, the public will have knowledge of every aspect of the mod; such as its status, what is going into it, etc. The mysterious “behind closed doors” approach is out. This means that if we finish an HP, it is placed in the thread for download and testing. If a new texture is going to be used, it is placed available for evaluation. We, too, hope to have two releases, one as a Multi-Player update and with the new models and HPs, and the next as the campaign. There is no problem with this approach, as long as it is done properly. We hope to also update the original single-player campaign with different ships, balanced conflicts, and even swapping a few ships out and in, such as the USS Devore switching from Akira to Defiant, or the like. Perhaps some new Multi-Player options will even be available. There will be no more of the half-finished, pathetic, boring or downright non-functioning missions. The updated Stock Campaign would come in Part One. In this, we hope to improve nearly ALL aspects of the BC game, and make up for all of the mistakes of the past. Look on this as a new beginning – a new start. If the public wants something, odds are it will be included. The main thread will be located at BCU (, and will be the place to voice opinions and the like, although our mailbox at will always be open. TO ALL FORMER EXPANSION TEAM MEMBERS: We would welcome you in our new ranks, and need more people. Your help is needed, wanted, and appreciated. TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN JOINING: We can use skilled modders in almost all areas, and especially need scripters and mission scripters. I am attempting to teach myself the art, but it goes slow. We also would seriously appreciate any work that the major modders out there (you know who you are ;)) could lend some help and/or support. From custom maps to neat scripting, we could use it. On that same token, if any modder out there were interested in doing something (anything really) and donating it, we would be much obliged and appreciative to look it over and possibly include it. Any help from anyone is welcome. TO THE COMMUNITY: For this to work, we need your support. What we ask is some participation, trust, and patience. With luck and persistence, this will be a wonderful experience for all involved. We must also ask that you not scoff at us, or look down your noses (disgusting things may be there), but merely give us a chance, and see what we can do. This project is under new management, and we can and have learned from the drastic mistakes of the past. We would like some feedback here. Would you be interested in this? If we can do this again, correctly, with your input, do you think we should? This mod is for the community, so it should be what the community wants. We hope for your support. Thank you for everything, Daniel Rafferty & USS_Premonition, Co-Directors - The Dominion Campaigns
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