Ugent bulletin for all modders! Music files!

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Due to the recent nuking of files containing mp3's, I would like to inform you that untill further notice, no music mods will be posted even if they are trek related. I would assume trek related items copyrighted by paramount are ok to use sparingly in mods, such as with loading screens that depict short clips of battle scenes and theme music for the series, but untill we know for sure that paramount will allow this for modding purposes, I suggst you also refrain from using these, and if your mod contains them, plan or a re-release without said content. As of right now, weapons sound FX are ok. If you have a mod that contains an audio file of a peice of MUSIC OF ANY KIND that comes from a TV show, CD, or other commercial source Startrek or otherwise, Please make sure you have a backup of your file as it could be removed if Filefront deems nessecary. If you are unable to do so, I have a 1TB external drive, I can do it for you. If this happens, we can figure out a way to replace the mod without the problem audio files. The mainstay of bridge commander modding is in it's models and other graphical improvements, not the battle music you hear in the background, nor the intro movie that may be included in a large modpack. Lossing these mods, while dissapointing, will certainly not diminish nor destroy our community in any way, shape or form, but legal action against FN and the loss of gamming sites such as BCfiles certainly would, along with many other communities. Those of you whom I've seen posting all these "doom and gloom" messages to the contrary should be ashamed of themselves and need to pull their collective heads out of their rectal regions and, quite simply, shut up. You are creating an unnessecary panic. Also, if you know of a mod that contains music, especialy full songs or sountracks from movies, CD's, TV shows ect, you should report those mods directly to us over IM or perhaps our private emails so we can download them incase they are tossed or remove and repackage the mods. If you are the author, you mgiht want to remove them on your own accord, just to protect yourself from legal action similar to what the recording industry is attempting to do to users of kazaa and similar programs. Remember folks, this only includes songs. It doesn't include people makign Sovs and Galaxy classes and Connies. It doesn't include realistic reproductions of the TMP torpedo effect. To put it plain and simple, Paramount and the "powers that be" behind all things considered to be "commercial startrek" know we are here. They've known since the days of Startrek Armada 1, when the Hired P81 to do ships for Armada 2 and more recently Legacy. You may also notice concepts such as the "winged defender" in Legacy, which is a fan ship that has exsisted for years in SFC. They know about us. They made A2 moddable and BC and SFC2 and 3 moddable when they knew about us. If they wanted us gone they wouldn't have done that, and besides that, we are keeping trek alive, some would venture as far as saying we are doing a better job than they are. If they want to make money of Trek, they need to keep it alive, so I don't see anyone killing trek modding any time soon. Lets get a grip on ourselves. If you want battle music, it's not that hard to rename songs from your favorite source to overwrite the stock ones, and there are plenty of ways to educate people on exactly what file to replace with what without actualy distributing the music. Thats it folks.

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