Update on WalkFX theft

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Due to the hosting company Collective Alliance uses being down or not properly functioning these last few days, myself and my staff have basically been playing msn tag over this issue, hence the slow action. However, after finally getting the full story and figuring out who was responsible (User GFT) I have decided on the course of action and taken it. GFT will serve a 6 month complete ban from BCfiles. I don't believe that the theft of a private beta and the subsequent modification of it, and the chnage in credits, could even be "just a mix up of a confused person" as listed on the forum for the mod team involved. A simple mixup would have been if GFT had simply submitted the file in it's original condition. What actualy happened was inexcusable, and calls into question previous mods currently posted by GFT, such as his modification of defiants engeneering mod. That file has been outdated since the newer autostart makes in unessecary (outdated to point ot said newer autostart) and sent to the mod abyss. He's also got a modification of Nanofx which may not be even a complete mod (apparently he sent in a 2 part file and only part 2 actualy showed up). Mods will be deleted, or locked and sent to the abyss at our discression if we fell the mods are either improperly used items or buggy releases which serve to screw up the work they are based on. This should happen in the next few days. If GFT has work here based on something belonging to you, I urge you to contact me a Starforce2(at)bcfiles.com, report the file ID and the situation (please don't make a public scene in comments, email me direcrtly.

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