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Published by Mark 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Recently there has been some debate as to the way we handle comments that critisise files, in the past members of the community have left due to negative critisism which has lead to the staff reacting more harshly in order to defend file authors. This however results in a biased environment where no negative comments are allowed. The staff here at BCFiles now want to move away from this to allow users to post constructive feedback for files, however we feel it is important that an alternative is offered to authors who do not want to receive negative feedback; having worked hard on the file for a long time it can really burn you out to receive even slight critisism and we understand that. As such we will now offer file authors the option of disabling file comments when posting a file. To do this simply place a blank text file named "NO COMMENTS.txt" into the archive that you are submitting, when a staff member posts your file they will disable comments on the file item. Once a file is submitted an author cannot request it's comments to be locked so make sure that you remember this when posting files. From today any authors submitting files without the "no comments" tag will be accepting all comments, whether they are critical or not. As a foot note to this, I would like to remind ALL users that while constructive critisism is now welcomed, flameing and file bashing are still against the site rules and will not be tolerated. Remember that the people who submit files to this site work on those files in their own time and expect nothing in return, as such we expect everyone to show respect for them.
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