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The Fallowing Rules have been changed or updated: *1) No Flaming or Harassment: Flaming, including grade school level insults such as “jerk” and “idiot”, will now be an automatic ban. Harassment of authors will no longer be tolerated either. (Warnings will generally be given on this as everyone’s opinion on the line between a complaint and the point it becomes harassment is slightly different. Ruling of the staff is FINAL…Obey it!) *Flaming or harassing staff is an automatic 2 week ban. *2) No Swearing: Swearing, and the use of other vulgar or sexually explicit words, is not allowed on Bcfiles.com. Depending on the vulgarity of the word, you may receive a warning, or an immediate ban. The words “damn” and “hell” are acceptable. If you want to swear, you can always sensor yourself by using ***. Like this: That’s a F***en awesome ship!” We’ll know what you mean. *3) Mod Theft/Accusations of theft: Anyone making accusations of mod theft publicly, or anyone who is PROVEN BY STAFF INVESTIGATION to have knowingly released an object without permission, or who has credited himself/herself for the work of others will be banned. *5) No Advertising: Do not advertise mods or sites in comment threads, period, even if it is your own file. Only the posting of alternative download sites or links to help related threads is allowed if someone needs one. Modding or BC related websites should be submitted to bcfiles links, or if you are a mod submitter, placed in your readme. *Those who violate this rule will receive an automatic ban *6) Spamming and thread hijacking: Spamming (off topic and useless posts such as “yay, first post!”) and “Hijacking” a thread (intentionally diverting the topic of the comments, like by starting a debate that has nothing to do with the file/news/picture above) will not be allowed. The topic of the comments is the file, news, poll, picture..Ect posted above, only. All “yay first post” will now result in a ban of 5 days, and a deletion of the offending post. ====================================================================== Rules 10 and 13 as seen in the current rules section will be removed because they are technicly covered under rule #1. The rest of them will be renumbered down the list. These rules are tougher on violations that concern flamming, disrespect toward staff, foul language and spam. The word "sh*t" is no longer allowed, unless stared out as shown. I generaly let it go, but no more. If I continue to see it much after today warnings will be given. Exsisting occourances of the word will be censored by moderators as they are found. "Yay first post" comments will be banned as network policy dictates from now on. I will also be strictly monitoring people who advertise mod sites and forums under the files and POTD, even if it is their own file (use readme's to place your links instead, or submit them with the "submit links" form). I have also added 1 new moderator, and selected 2 more who will be active shortly. As soon as they get registered on the staff forum and get their instructions on how to use the system and actualy begin moderating, I will make a news item announcing all 3 new moderators. Stay tuned in the next day or so for that, as well as who will be replacing Blackrook32 as Vice admin. The actual Rules page will be updated shortly (next day or so). Please begin abiding by the new rules immediately.
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