Voting Begins for 2008 Star Trek Games Player Choice Awards

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Published by TIQHUD 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
You've made the nominations and now its time to pick the winners. Voting for the StarTrek-Games 2008 Players Choice Awards has begun. You have until Jan 11th to cast your vote. To get started go here: This years Categories and Nominees are: Best New Mod of 2008 - Keys of Legacy by Alexraptor : Star Trek Legacy - TMP Addon Pack by Max Loef : Star Trek Legacy - Balance of Power : Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Most Anticipated - Star Trek: Supremacy - fan game - Star Trek: Excalibur - fan game - Star Trek: Online - retail game - Star Trek: Temporal Cold War - Mod for Half-Life 2 - Star Trek: Starfleet Command 4 - fan game Best Star Trek Game - Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Star Trek: Birth of the Federation - Star Trek: Armada II - Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates Mod Excellence Award - Convergence : Mod for Deep Space 9: The fallen : Fusion Creative Design - Star Trek Legacy: Aftermath : Mod for Star Trek Legacy : Tjoz & crew - Deep Space Nine FX v3.0 : Mod for Star Trek Bridge Commander : DS9Fx Team - Fleet Operations 3.0 : Star Trek Armada II - The Ultimate Universe mod for Star Trek Legacy : CJG & crew - Ultimate Dominion Mod : Birth Of the Federation - Borg Incursion - Vital Response by Major Payne : Star Trek Armada II Top News Story of 2008 - Cryptic picks up development of Star Trek Online - Atari acquires Cryptic Studios and will publish Star Trek Online Best Star Trek Gaming Audio Program - Hailing Frequency - MrJuliano's Sto-Zone Radio Program Top Fan Created Game - Star Trek: Engagement Top Star Trek RPG/CLAN/SIM Group - LotusFleet - SFIClan - Starbase 118 Best Star Trek Machinima - The Ultimate Computer - By Mindwipe - Star Trek Legacy: The Ultimate Universe Part II (HD Edition)- By Laserdisc Community Star - Most Helpful - Matress of Evil @ Star Trek Fan Games - Charles Westin - Lotus Fleet Forum - Thunderchero - Armada Fleet Command Forum Community Star - Insightful - Gowron - BOTF forum at Armada Fleet Command - ChessMess - Star Trek Games Forum Community Star - Funniest - Alter Ego - Hailing Frequency Forum - Victor1st - Star Trek Gamers Forum - Jonboylondon - Armada Fleet Command Forum Top Star Trek Fan Created Model - Century Class by DJ Curtis : Star Trek Bridge Commander So don't wait, Spock the Vote! Star Trek Games
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