WalkFX v.0.0.3 * * MOD THEFT * *

By BlackRook32 (Old) 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I'm sure some of you noticed the WalkFX v.0.0.3 was pulled from the site. At the request of Lost_Jedi. It has now come to my attention threw U.S.S. Sovereign, that the Mod was a Forgery. The Public Beta was re-worked and released without BCS:TNG's permission. Folks this is not Cool. We at BCfiles.com cannot tell who submits a mod to the site. So when we post a mod up, and discover it was submitted without their knowledge? We have to pull the Mod from distribution. A "Hard & Aggravating" process. The Person who Stole and Released the Mod is known to us. Though I won't post the Offender's name publicly, I will give out some " Guidelines " about Mods and Permissions. . . [i]* Public Betas:[/i] This is the Author(s) way of testing any Project to get feedback from the Public.This does not mean "You" have the right to alter someone's work & release it without permission. Especially if they are Active in the BC Community? This Constitutes Theft. [i]* Credits & Permissions:[/i] At times Modders drop from the BC Modding Community, for whatever reason. If the Modder cannot be contacted threw normal channels. It is acceptable to use thier works. If they are "Credited" In your readme. Things like "Who Ever made this Mod", Or such is "Unacceptable". If you liked the Mod enough to want to change it. At least have the courtesy to research the Mod and Credit the Author for their Hard Work? Keep In Mind, People like to be "Credited" for thier Works. If a Readme if found to be "Vague or Lacking", and No Explaination given, the Mod will be pulled. Things like this "Wastes" Everyone's time. And this was done by a person who was been in this Modding Community for awhile. I've notice some Mod Groups offering "Public Betas". If "You" want to make a change, submit the Ideal to the Author(s). But that does not mean "YOU" can use your Modification as an "Excuse" to release it Publicly. In the Final Analysis it's [i]" THIER MOD " !![/i] Not yours. Don't "Ruin" it for the Rest of the Community. -BR32

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