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What did you think of the recent trailer for the new Star Trek film?

Excellent 55.5% (422)

Good 24.5% (186)

Average 8.9% (68)

Terrible 7.9% (60)

Poor 3% (23)

Total: 759
Start: 03-09-2009 15:53
Last: 03-16-2009 16:55

 #1 - Posted by: jamesamey (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 16:21
I thought it was excellent, especially if the soundtrack is anything to go by. I can't wait to May 8th

 #2 - Posted by: AresofWar (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 16:49
I saw it, and loved it! Simply amazing... May is too far away...

 #3 - I'm excited. - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 17:33
New Trek with the good ol' "Kirk+Enterprise = Awesome" formula? You can't go wrong. My only gripe is that San Francisco seemed a bit "darker" and grittier in the background... more polluted even. :/ I really like Star Trek because it encourages a bright future for mankind, on a clean and peaceful Earth (total opposite of Battlestar Galactica's headache-inducing depression and melo-drama). I hope the movie doesn't end up with that kind of thing. Star Trek went "dark" once already (Nemesis). Dark Star Trek doesn't sell well. :s Well, here's to hoping!! :beer:

 #4 - Posted by: Konrad9 (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 19:14
Remember, it's asking you what you think of the TRAILER. This is not a poll asking what you think of the MOVIE.

 #5 - one can only hope for greatness... - Posted by: CyAn1d3 (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 03:53
the trailer in general was good, but im reserving full judgment untill may. i only hope it turns out good, if not than all hope is lost :p

 #6 - Oh my mistake. - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 08:26
I thought we were talking about one of the previous trailers, where it shows a scene with McCoy introducing himself to Kirk; moments before that it showed what I believed to be 23rd century San Francisco (didn't look very appealing from high above, honestly). Just saw the new one... jamesamey is right. The soundtrack definitely seems to strike me as VERY well orchestrated. Then again, WHEN has Star Trek EVER had a mediocre sound score? ;) The new soundtrack sounds vaguely similar to the Batman Begins/Dark Knight themes... even similar to the Transformers sound score (BOTH of which I love and proudly own). I'm so excited I could type about this for hours. ^_^

 #7 - In fact, I just watched it several times... - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 08:38
Here's a 3rd post by me. I can't say enough just how good that trailer is. "Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes... He saved 800 lives...including yours. I dare you to do better..." That's profound. In fact, that tells me that this movie could very well have better dialog than all of its predecessors. Here's to Trek. :beer:

 #8 - Oh my goodness. - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 08:45
Let me have another post please! Uhura is sooo cute! My goodness... :lol:

 #9 - Posted by: jamesamey (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 17:11
I also like the way in the trailer JJ cleared all 'canon freaks' arguements with Nero's line: "James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life"

 #10 - Let me post this too.... - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 17:56
...just in case someone doesn't know what the hell we're talking about... [url=http://www.startrekmovie.com/]Check it out[/url]

 #11 - Hm. - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 18:03
On closer inspection, the city shown may very well NOT be San Francisco, I thought it was because I thought we were looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. Now I noticed that it's NOT the Golden Gate Bridge. This means there's no way to determine what city that is or where it is.

 #12 - Posted by: billyboyjennings (Member) on 03-10-2009 at 18:22
"Star Trek went "dark" once already (Nemesis). Dark Star Trek doesn't sell well. " Dark Star Trek is good. Mirror Universe episodes are great. Nemesis was just a crap movie.

 #13 - Posted by: JimmyB76 (Member) on 03-11-2009 at 09:39
jeeeez, MJAY - makes ya wish there was an "EDIT" function for comments, eh? lol j/k tho perhaps you should try and keep all your thoughts to one post rather than posting and then posting again a few minutes later lol (just a friendly suggestion :) ) as for this trailer........ hmm well, i think this new movie looks stupid anyway, so im not too fond of the trailer to begin with lol

 #14 - Posted by: Trekologist (Member) on 03-11-2009 at 22:35
Looks to be a good sci-fi/action movie. I doubt it's going to be a very excellent Star Trek movie, from what I've seen of the trailers anyway. Either way, I'll be at the midnight release. Plus, that's just my personal opinion of it, because Star Trek has always had a good run at moving forward. Look at Enterprise, it was ill received by many, some of the same complaints that have Star Trek XI haters have spouted. Good or bad movie, it can't be that bad for Star Trek itself.

 #15 - Yeah - Posted by: MJAY (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 08:26
@ jb76: An EDIT button would be a dream come true. It's not a habit of mine to make more than 3 posts per topic, if even 2! lol Would be real good, especially when I'm going over old mods, and I see some comment I made back in 2002 or 2003, and I'm thinking, "man, if I could just edit that..." :) I'm just excited about the movie. I think all of the actors have fallen into their respective roles really well... except for Zachary Quinto (Spock). I really cannot fathom Spock with such a boyish voice, "You will experience fear!" It doesn't sit well with me. Leonard Nimoy possessed voice, and therefore Spock had a deep, strong voice when he spoke. Leonard also looked tough, even when he was young. Zachary Quinto's voice is much higher pitched than mine, and I think he's older than me. :lol: Quinto doesn't seem to reflect "vulcan tank tough" as well as Nimoy does. In the end, however, Quinto received Nimoy's blessing for playing Spock. And if you read "I Am Not Spock" and "I Am Spock" you know that Nimoy has a strong sentimental connection to the Spock character. So that's saying a lot, and I'll have to reserve final judgment of Quinto for when I see the movie, but so far I'm not very impressed with him. I personally think that above ALL the characters, Quinto is carrying the most weight in truly creating a new "translation of Spock" since Spock IS the favorite of Star Trek fans. So I wish him good luck.


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