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Backgrounds Starfield

Here is Lightning Productions' Starfield mod, which creates an absolutely stunning starfield effect. I know, this is my mod, but even I am i...


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Backgrounds New Nebulae Textures

From the readme: These skins are to enhance your experience inside the Nebulas and Dust Clouds (NOT the Nebula-class Federation ship!...


Backgrounds Starfield Texture

This small adds a different starfield. Easy installation.


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Backgrounds Hi Res Starfield

Brilliant new starfield! Adds great new realism for the background. The stars look much better than the originals. This is in a much hi...


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Backgrounds Starfield Texture

Originaly Textured by Jon, Simon took the honor of re-texturing it and making it even better. Now the stars look brighter and look, well...


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Backgrounds Unbreakable's Background Textures

Updated: In long wait ;) ive released my new version. This time ive fixed problems with the textures and added a few more along the way....


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Backgrounds Holodeck background mod

Here's one to try. It turns the starfield into holodeck grid lines, and looks as if you are flying miniature ships around the holodeck blast...


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Backgrounds High Density Starfield

This well give you some High Density Stars. Great graphics i am using this in my game right now.


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Backgrounds Canon stars and star streaks

These are canon stars and star streaks. I made the star streaks thinner and I can't really say anything else about them except that make a b...


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Backgrounds starfield

Nice bright blue-ish starts. Fairly dense.


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Backgrounds Q-Barrier

This well make the stars look like the Barrier Q put up in the first episode of TNG to stop the Enterprise.


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Backgrounds Space Dust

This well chage the space dust or what looks like stars that fly by you when you start moving. This Texture Mod well make the dust really...


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Backgrounds Fluid Space

He has done a good jon at fixing the darkness of the Fluid Space. In this verion he has fixed his Gamma on his screen and made the clouds...


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Backgrounds Starfield-bcmod version

This is the BC-Mod Installer version of Admiral Alou's fantastic starfield. (same as #4508) Note: There is an error in the read-me say...


Backgrounds New Nebula7

This is a New Nebula for the quickbattle starting map. Its a nice change of scenery ;)


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Backgrounds Joxbos Starfield

This is a new "blueish" starfield texture. It looks very nice ingame. I usually opt not to use new colored star textures , however this is...


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Backgrounds Wormhole Mod

This is a "Background" map mod of the Star Trek DS9's Wormhole in the Bajoran System. This is a visual application only. Looks intresting, j...


Backgrounds Q-barrier

Looks pretty good. Minimal "box" effect. As you know the "realm" where your ship flies is the inside of a large box. U can't see it tha...


Backgrounds Tholian web

This mod will give you the feeling of being inside the tholian web from TOS.


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Backgrounds Trek Nebula 7

This is a new nebula with sun shine through it, interesting picture. Try it out today!


Backgrounds Space Dust Mod

Ok this makes the space dust invisible, its nice unless you do know how to turn space dust off which would probably be better.


Backgrounds Subspace

Here is another new background for Bridge Commander (plenty of them seem to be coming out now, wouldn't you agree?). This one looks quite g...


Backgrounds Hi-Res Starfield

Ok, people, here is one sick-ass starfield for your enjoyment. It is NOT recommended for low-end systems, but it's pretty damn good. Downlo...


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Backgrounds Warp Starstreaks

An update to his first version, this makes the starstreaks during warp look much more like the voyager ones. Definetly a must for all the...


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