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Battle music Unbreakables Dance MOD

This new mod of Unbreakables adds some what of a new sound to Bridge Commander, Dance Music! Hes done a good thing and recorded several t...


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Battle music Funny borg trance music

This starts out as your normal trance radio edit, with the last half of the file throwing in borg voices, phasers, explosions, torpedos, and...


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Battle music Jeffrey Walker's Hilarious EMH QB Music

This is made up humorous song with witty remarks from “The Doctor” from the hit series Voyager, which is 5 minute 04 seconds long. If...


Battle music Little Music Replacement

Hi! Dalekanium2 here. Since I'm interested in music, I have come up with a little musical change to BC. It's only two pieces but I hop you e...


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