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Borg New Borg Cube

This new Borg Cube by Dark Drone makes for some nice battles. All though this still isn in the early stages too, its betetr than the aplha...


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Borg Borg modified Defiant

Its not the Defiant, but a :borg: modified defiant. Cool Ship, cool mod. Get It


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Borg Updated version: Borg cube

This cube fix some bugs. Now it will attack you more often. The cube didnt attacked you in the last version beacuse CJPC made a mistake w...


Borg cube beta

A cube with excent texture and raised hull pannels.


Borg Scout (detector)

Borg scout ship. Similar to the "Detector" class found in armada.


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Borg Cube pack

The Cube modpack is my newest pack, it includes Darkdrone's Cube And Tactical Cube models with my hardpoint upgrades. Those ships are ve...


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Borg TNG Borg Cube

This is the Best of both worlds TNG episode version of the Borg Cube. It has great sounds textures and it damages well. It doesnt contain gl...


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Borg Voyager Borg Cube

This is the second borg cube by Captain2Xtreme! This is the Voyager Series Version. It has excellent textures and Damages well. It is a litt...


Borg C2X Borg Tactical Cube

Straight from the Voyager episode "Unimatrix Zero" comes the Tactical Cube. This vessel is most formidable. The A.I. is very unforgiving, go...


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Borg Assimilated Federation Vessels

Here is a intresting new offering, Assimilated Federation Vessels! This mod includes (2) ships. A Galaxy and Nebula Class. Both ships give t...


Borg C2 Borg Ship Pack

Here are (2) Borg ships converted from the SFC3 game, the Cube and the Sphere. The ambient lighting and textures from the SFC3 game is broug...


Borg Assimilated stock soverign

This is an excelent remake of the stock soverign to a borg assimilated version. There are borg patters all over this thing, and I lvoe what...


Borg 3 Assimilated Vessels

This gives you an assimilated Kessok Heavy, Vorcha, and Warbird. It does not replace the stock ships.


Borg Borg Rippertek

An interesting Borg Vessel. I think its a neat model.


Borg Borg Cylinder

This is a neat little Borg Cylinder to add to your Borg Collection.


Borg Borg Shimmertek

Another Borg Ship by Darkmatrix. The Borg certainly have upped the variety of their fleet.


Borg Borg Shuttle

Borg shuttle converted out of SFC 3.


Borg Trunks' Borg Valkyire

Okay for all of you out there that just love my borg ships here is the new ver of my borg valkyire for your enjoy meant. Download now !!!...


Borg First Contact Cube

Heres a nice new borg cube by Darkmatrix with hardpoints by Mr. John. Take a look for yourself.


Borg Fusion Cube

From DAP comes the Borg Fusion Cube. I believe its a port out of Armada2. Although I've never been a fan of the fusion cube, its a pretty...


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Borg Tactical Cube

The Tactical cube, most notably seen in Star Trek Voyager. It was ported by Darkdrone and hp'ed by MRJOHN.


Borg Sphere

The Borg Sphere from Dreamarts Productions. It includes a carrier plugin so you will be able to launch the Borg Diamond. Also uses the Adv...


Borg Borg Diamond

The Borg Diamond seen in Star Trek Voyager. I think its quite a good model. Conversion was by Darkdrone with the HP By MRJOHN. *Note th...


Borg U1 Borg Transport

Here is a Borg Transport. It is kind of slow *like a transport should be* and it's borg... That's about it.


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