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Borg HP update for cannon cube

Because ppl were talking about cubes killing you when in nanofx , this HP/py. file should not do much to you but work just as good. Place...


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Borg Ice Cube

This is a Hardpoint for Darkdrones and Ice's Borg Cube. The file location is


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Borg Borg Ship hp's

Three new hardpoints for three different Borg ships : Class1Cube found in Darkstorm Quickbattle Borg Ship pack by DarkDrone: http://brid...


Borg Locutus Sovereign new HP

for the Locutus Sovereign an HP upgrade , from MScott. This mod is to add the green shields and phasers one would expect from a borg vessel...


Borg Assimilated Terra Nova

The Terran Borg combo! I'm a huge fan of both Terran and Borg. So I decided to make a retexture of both.


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