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Cardassian Enhanced Cardassian ship MOD

This mod will enhance the cardassian ships by giving them 2 forward beams & some extra general improvments


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Cardassian Hybrid upgrade

Now the Hybrid can compete with the galaxy class from P81. It fires it's usual kessok weaponry, as well as a polaron pulse and torpedo's....


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Cardassian Cardassian Galor class HP

This Hardpoint will contain the following changes Improved Hull armor. More Powerful Phaser's. Increased Speed. Improved Warpcore. I...


Cardassian BC Galor & Keldon Hardpoints

This Modification will align the Damage Icons on your Zorg Cardassian Galor and Keldon. Check it out. . .


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Cardassian Cardassian Hardpoint Pack

New set of STR's Cardassian Hardpoint Pack Published by Desert Storm Sandtrooper author says "This pack includes 5 hard points, improveme...


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Cardassian Cardassian Hybrid new hardpoint

Here is a New Hardpoint For Cardassian Hybrid by RedLeader1701 Mod Description: I'm sure all of you can remember a day in bridge comm...


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