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Crewmen HeadSaffi Fix

This is mod gets rid of Saffi's head and replaces it with Captain Haley's head. This will not change Captain Haley's head. Well at least u g...


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Crewmen Saffi to Kiska-first officer

This replaces kiska with saffi and visa-versa hopefully he will be able to get new sounds soon by the wat trunks why did you include the...


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Crewmen Saffi to Kiska-first officer

Here we have a Saffi to Kiska-first officer mod, this is only a head transfer. What sets this apart from the others is that is is better...


Crewmen Crazyhids Crew Mod

This mod is a Head Replacement for the whole bridge crew. There are 10 pix the first five are the old ones and then the other five a...


Crewmen Bridge Positions

This mod will change the Bridge crew to thier canon TNG positions. Miguel will assume the OPS station, Kiska will assume the canon helm. Now...


Crewmen Felix-Klingon Head Files

This mod will change the stock Felix texture into a Klingon. This is a nice effort for a first start. This mod would have been better as a m...


Crewmen Miguel and Commander Graff head swap

This is a head swap with Miguel and Commander Graff. The coloured collars and rank insignias are set to the right ones. So you only see...


Crewmen Kessok officer retexture

This makes the kessok officer look meaner. The picture below is the actual officer texture saved as a jpg instead of tga.


Crewmen Science Officer Spock

interesting this mod replaces sspock with miguel but it switches a head file so now graff and a few other people also have romulan ears lol....


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Crewmen Tuvok Tactical replacement mod

This changes the tactical officer to Tuvok from voyager, Adds great custom voice sounds, but doesnt effect your favorite uniform. Good job o...


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Crewmen New head (miguel)

This changes your science officer to..well...we don't know who, but who cares. The quality of the face is one of the best I have ever seen....


Crewmen TMP bridge crew

Fairly decent likenesses of Kirk, scotty, checkov, sulu, and spock. The only problem is that it uses the exsisting bodies so scotty looks t...


Crewmen Brex to mackie

Mackie has put his own likeness on brex.


Crewmen Commander Worf (with hair loss)

This replaces Felix with Commander Worf. The author made Worf with some hair loss like in the latest movies and later episodes of DS9.


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Crewmen Picard to Kirk

This changes Picard to Kirk.


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Crewmen Borg Crew

This is a Borg Crew mod. It will replace your old crew with a Borg Fired Crew. Don't forget to back up your old Files.


Crewmen Multi Race Bridge Crew

Here is a mod which changes the races of your bridge crew to a very wide selection. Cheers!


Crewmen Relievable Crewmembers

This mod mod makes it so you can relieve your crewmembers! (Oh I can't wait to releive Saffi :D). BUT, you need the Brex to Engineering...


Crewmen Nemesis Crew TC (With Sounds)

This is a great new mod by Captain Wes'Bite. It has the entire nemesis crew. including admiral janeway,b4,and even the EMH. It also has...


Crewmen Saffi Makeup Mod

Well, I must admit, this is an er. interesting mod. If you want Saffi with makeup, this is for you. Although I must admit I won't be one...


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Crewmen Saffi's face with 7of9's face

This mod is very good if you want to get rid of saffi on your side. But I think saffis hair has been implanted on Sevens head.


Crewmen GFT Klingon Bridge Crew w/Mutator

Here is a cool new mod by GFT, The Klingon Bridge Crew w/ Mutator. This will change the Bridge Crew and Crewmen into Klingon Officers. But t...


Crewmen Goth Number One

Heres an interesting retexture of Saffi's head Theres not much to say about it really, just look at the pic


Crewmen Retexture Felix to Morn 2.0

This changes Felix into Morn, this also includes the back ups for the Felix head. This is detailed and is recommended to all those who would...


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