Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Damage Textures

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
New Explosion Effect CaptainKing 156KB 3,600
Ultimate Damage Textures Robert & Valerie Underwood 75KB 6,345
Damage Textures by Mkhal Guest 239KB 14,860
damage textures USS_SALEM 207KB 1,094
Deep Explosions Various Authors 80KB 1,659
Texture Pack Pack 606KB 1,040
Fire Damage Minion 198KB 2,878
Plasma leak replacement FA Smith 519KB 2,325
Moreaus fire damage Kevin 156KB 572
WHN Fire Damage WholeHazelNuts 294KB 1,861
Plasma venting Occas 170KB 3,085
Deep Explosions 3 Isolar801 290KB 3,248
Explosion Pack Pack 282KB 9,366
Damage Textures by USS RiverRat-A USS_RIVER_RAT_A 81KB 429
Bridge Effects Version 1.0 Guest 4KB 1,244
Life Support Damage Textures for Nano FX gdluque 607KB 1,492
Damages USS_RIVER_RAT_A 152KB 598
VR Damage textures Guest 35KB 215
mdamage2 M'khal 187KB 1,224
Damage Pack Three Pack 289KB 1,555
Insurrectioners Fire Damage Insurrectioner 694KB 634
Red Alert Damage Textures V2 (Final) Insurrectioner 172KB 739
Ultimate Upgrade 1.0 FA Smith 507KB 462
Damage Fx Whitehero 41KB 434
New Nanofx Damage Textures Maven 1.43MB 2,656
Life Support Damage Textures gdluque 185KB 1,324
New plasma rupture textures John Hardy 330KB 1,098
New NanoFX 2.0 Damage Texture NeoXarch 1.19MB 3,107
NeoXarch's Damage Textures for NanoFX2 NeoXarch 4.74MB 2,249
Hull Structure Damage NeoXarch 1.88MB 5,808
Damage texture from the dominion war sovereign 001 66KB 1,109
interesting Damage Textures Panzer2 329KB 121
ST 2 an 3 Damage Textures imoutosan 2.92MB 234
The Fifth Damage Texture Panzer2 339KB 123
Chris Larkin's New NanoFX2 Damage Textures Chris Larkin 2.81MB 957
Chris Larkin's New NanoFX2 Damage Textures Chris Larkin 1.75MB 1,014
JLS Federation DamageFX JL Studios 11.18MB 3,259
Flux Capacitor's Realistic Damage Textures v.1.1 FluxCapacitor 2.9MB 1,846
Cinematic Explosions for NanoFX v.2.0 BETA Der_Beutlin 5.55MB 1,541
E7s Realistic Damage And Shields EDD_7 16.25MB 232
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