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Damage Textures New Explosion Effect

Sorry missed this one. This new file changes the explosion effect. It carries more yellow than the original and does make the exp...


Damage Textures Ultimate Damage Textures

This is another update for the Ultimate Damage Textures mod! It really does improve the damge textures & is now much better than his first m...


Damage Textures Damage Textures by Mkhal

The most authentic damage textures yet! These textures look exactly as they should and are the best representation of ship damage that you...


Damage Textures damage textures

adds more colored stuff to the damage textures to give a burning effect.


Damage Textures Deep Explosions

This is a preety cool new explosion texture! Unfortunatly the Modder didnt leave thier name so credit goes to ? Come Get em!


No Screenshot
Damage Textures Texture Pack

These are Great damage textures. The graphics of these texture are of good guality. The damage effect is excelent, aas well as the "burni...


Damage Textures Fire Damage

This Fire Damage is cool looks more realistic. I currently have this one replacing my current one.


Damage Textures Plasma leak replacement

This will change the original color of the plasma smoke coming from a ship to one of 4 colors. All you have too do is cut/paste and done....


Damage Textures Moreaus fire damage

As indicated, this is a mod that replaces the default damage textures, with moreaus's. The textures are brighter then the norm, giving the...


No Screenshot
Damage Textures WHN Fire Damage

Here is a new Fire damage mod. The effects are more subtile than most damage texture mods I have seen. In so saying this is a good effort. T...


Damage Textures Plasma venting

Excelent looking green plasma smoke for damage. Billows out of damaged portions, and is quite thich and a dull green.


Damage Textures Deep Explosions 3

An interesting new explosion effect. When a ship blows up you get a transparent bluish explosion instead of the rather poor stock orange...


Damage Textures Explosion Pack

This is a very nice explosion effect, one of the best ive seen so far, Includes lower res version for slower computers.


Damage Textures Damage Textures by USS RiverRat-A

This will give you some new damage textured... instead of like damage, you see inside the ship - quite a change.


Damage Textures Bridge Effects Version 1.0

I do not think this is a very good mod to download but it's up to you , All i've seen done was the stock bridge smoke is a lil bigger t...


Damage Textures Life Support Damage Textures for Nano FX

Here's a version of the life support damage textures that work with NanoFX 2.0 . These aren't too bad looking, and are something complete...


Damage Textures Damages

This mod gives you the selection of two different size Damage Textures. If your vessel you are playing has a breach in the hull anywhere you...


Damage Textures VR Damage textures

I dont really like them my self but it was a nice try , still looks like stock textures to me but still nice try.


Damage Textures mdamage2

Okay this is ver 2 of the MDamage. injoy :D


Damage Textures Damage Pack Three

Nice new damage textures for your Starship. They're not bad, but I think they are a little too red for me. They're still better than the...


Damage Textures Insurrectioners Fire Damage

New fire damage textures from Insurrectioner. See the screens below. Keep the mods comming Insurrectioner!


Damage Textures Red Alert Damage Textures V2 (Final)

This is the final version of Insurrectioners damage textures. Take a look below


Damage Textures Ultimate Upgrade 1.0

Here is a new Damage mod for Bridge Commander. It has new torpedo sounds and phaser sounds as well. See the screenshots below and decide for...


Damage Textures Damage Fx

These are some wierd alien damage fx.


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