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Demo Modding Damage Textures For Demo

New damage textures for Bridge Commander Demo, Federation ships. They look more realistic than the ones currently in the demo. Worth a d...


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Demo Modding Nebula Class Bridge Skin For Demo

This skin gives you new textures of the Nebula bridge but on the galaxy bridge for the Bridge Commander Demo Its pretty detailed and...


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Demo Modding Texture and Sound MOD for Demo

This changes the starfield in Bridge Commander making it more realistic so to speak. It also adds a bridge ambient sound plus a new red a...


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Demo Modding Redalert And Warp Sound MOD For Demo

This MOD changes the sounds on both the Red Alert and the Warping effect sound. Quite realistic too i got to admit. Guess what, this is...


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Demo Modding 4 Damage Textures For Demo

These new textures make the damage look alot different from the standard textures in the Bridge Commander Demo. Ive tried them and...


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Demo Modding Voyager And Deep Space 9 Uniforms for Demo

These new uniforms are from Voyager and early Deep Space Nine episodes. The quality is o.k and adds something new to the demo. Enjoy


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Demo Modding Bridge Commander Selector XP

The famous BCSelector has returned, this time with a brand spanking new version. Note to all: This is for the full DEMO VERSION OF BRIDGE C...


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Demo Modding BC Demo 3 Ship Selector

This is a Ship Selector modification for the original Bridge Commander *DEMO* only. These .BAT files give you a selection of the Galaxy, War...


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