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Tutorials Bridge Commander Modding for Dummies: 101

Alright this is the same tutorial in the news except you can D/l it and use it offline it was made by me so just send your flames to bookrev...


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Tutorials Making Custom Bridges Tutorial

This will give you the 411 on Custom Bridge Making For BC. DL Now!!


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Tutorials Model Property Editor Tutorial

This is my Model Property Editor tutorial, which I wrote to help people who are having trouble using the Model Property Editor. I hope you a...


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Tutorials BC Mod Intallation Instructions

here is a powerpoint presentation on how to install a mod into bridge commander


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Tutorials Bridge Commander Mod Installation Intructions

This is a nicelly done Installation tutorial for Nanobytes BCMI program. If you have trouble with using and installing Bridge Commander Mods...


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Tutorials Repair Beam and Repulse Tractor - How to

A tutorial teaching how to transform phasers into repair beams and tractors into repulsor beams


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Tutorials Phaser strip tutorial

This pdf (acrobat reader file) explains how to make a phaserbank in 3dmax 7. It requires atleast basic modeling knowledge as you need to k...


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Tutorials How to get BC to run in widescreen. Tutorial.

A simple tutorial showing you how to get BC to run in wide screen. Any questions email me. [email protected]


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Tutorials Saucer and neck modeling tutorial

This is a video tutorial on how to create a saucer with a neck in 3d max. First of probably more to come. I am not a modeler thus can't real...


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Tutorials Starforce2's SFC ship conversion for dummies

This video tutorial demonstrates how to convert a 2 part bmp texture from SFC to a TGA file used in bridge commander, how to convert a model...


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Tutorials Pulses for Dummies or Pulse projectile template

guide, this is a template with almost everything you need to make a working pulse projectile script, hopefully eliminating some human error....


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