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Engine FX Voyager Warp engine Humm

Obviosuly, this is the humm from voyager at warp. The only problem is, it's louder near then end, so if you use this in a loop, it might so...


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Engine FX 2 warp sounds

Here are 2 great warp captures. One of them I recognise as the whoosh sound as the 1701-A passes the camera in the various TMP movies. The o...


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Engine FX Van Dykes TNG warp sounds

Obviously, by the name, replaces the default *thuds* that are supposed to pass for warp travel "enter/exit", with the TNG sounds for ente...


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Engine FX Voyager warp sound

Provides you with a lound Voyager warp sound that is in time with the ship. Though I really dont understand the echo effect at the end.


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Engine FX New Warp Sounds

Two great new sound files for entering and exiting warp. This is definetly an imrovement over the stock sounds.


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Engine FX Warp FX

This changes the warp sounds with the ones from Starfleet Academy.


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Engine FX Matts Warp Sounds

these are really great warp enter and exit sounds you really get the feel of huge engines charging and decellerating. very cool :rock:


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Engine FX TMP Warp sound FX

This is a replacement sound file for the warp SFX. If your a TMP freak like me you will love it. Make a backup of the original if you dont...


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Engine FX TMP Warp

A replacement for the warp fx that uses TMP era sounds. However, there is no exit sound as yet.


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Engine FX Shuttle Engine Sounds

This mod gives you the ability to alter the sound of your shuttle engines to a more typical sound. Although the engine noise could be toned...


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Engine FX Warp flash

This is a simple sound effect that you can use to replace your warp fx with. It sounds a little basic but would suit an alien ship. You can...


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Engine FX TMP Warp Sounds

This mod changes the sounds for entering, exiting and the warp flash sound to be that of the warp sounds for Star Trek: The Motion Picture....


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