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Federation Type 9 Shuttle HP

A new hp for the type 9 shuttle available at BCFILES. Download this now.


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Federation Seaworthy Hardpoint

This Hardpoint mod upgrades the GCSovereign with over the top modificatons. This mod will overwrite your Soveriegn hardpoints. Modifcations...


Federation New Ambassador HP

This is a excellent replacement Hardpoint for the Ambassador by P81. It has plenty of phasers and is slightly more powerful than before. Exc...


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Federation Olympic class Hardpoint

This is a Hardpoint that adds torpedoes to your Olympic Starship by Kevo. The problem I see with is is that the Torpedoes and some of the ph...


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Federation Aceshigh Soveriegn Hardpoint

This is a Soveriegn Hardpoint that the modder believes is close to what a ship modified by the Kessok would be like....It does have blue pha...


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Federation ZZ's Miranda Pack Patch

Patch for Zambie Zan's Miranda Pack v1.0 (Nov 11, 2005) - Just copy the "scripts" folder into your BC folder. This patch wil...


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Federation Prometheus-X Hardpoint

Thi is an update to the Prometheus-X by Sherman2 which adds missing weapons and other things the author forgot in the original file. The Pr...


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Federation Peacestarbase HP

This makes the Unity One dockable. The unity One can be found here:;19547


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Federation Patch file for the C2x Galaxy Class (4.0)

If your C2x Galaxy 4.0 is crashing BC and you haven't figured out how to fix the error by now, this file might be useful.


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Federation 9of9 Defiant hardpoint upgrade

A hardpoint that will increase the speed and turn rate of 9of9's Defiant. Also the pulse cannons will recharge faster and do more damage.


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Federation Blinkers for Prometheus

This hardpoint will add blinkers to the USS Prometheus


Federation Excelsior HP by Shloader's

A HP for P81's Excelsior fixing some bugs and adding ventral and aft phasers, among other things. Read the Readme below for details.


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Federation Curnow / Sparta / SFPExcel patch

This file includes fixed hardpoints for the three vessels where one of the phaser beams did not match the others. The files can be found...


Federation Intrepid Fleet HPs

This pack contains four distinct different hardpoints, textures and sounds for the four known Federation Intrepid classes which are - Intre...


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Federation Federation Tactical Base HP

This new HP will add blinkers and docking ports to the base located here:;15181


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Federation Sparta HP update

Some icon realignment for the ship:;41738


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Federation Mnemosyne Class HP

This is a new take on the Wicked_Zombie Mnemosyne Class U.S.S. Titan. I would take this present offering as a " Work in Progress ". T...


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Federation HP blinkers for GalaxyX

add Blinkers to P81 Galaxy X


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Federation HP for Fed Fighter

An HP upgrade for fed fighter fighter can be found here;27490


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Federation HP for Type1

an Hp upgrade for the TOS type 1 shuttle shuttle can be found here;43088


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Federation HP for WZ Titan

This HP will increase the warp core power, lower the top speed, maneuverability and phaser recharge.


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Federation Defiant HP

This is version 3.0 , because in Version 2.7,when tested later, I noticed the blinkers were not there


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Federation P81 Constitution HP

Updated Version of the Hardpoint added some blinkers - just a few


Federation LC Grissom HP

Blinkers and icon realignment for LC Grissom


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