Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Type 9 Shuttle HP USS Premonition 17KB 697
Seaworthy Hardpoint CaptainFish 16KB 126
New Ambassador HP MaxLoef 37KB 409
Olympic class Hardpoint Guest 6KB 180
Aceshigh Soveriegn Hardpoint Aces High 26KB 530
ZZ's Miranda Pack Patch Zambie Zan 2KB 2,197
Prometheus-X Hardpoint Sherman2 14KB 644
Peacestarbase HP TIQHUD 7KB 170
Patch file for the C2x Galaxy Class (4.0) CaptainFish 2KB 374
9of9 Defiant hardpoint upgrade Tooie32 7KB 566
Blinkers for Prometheus TIQHUD 16KB 191
Excelsior HP by Shloader's Guest 281KB 201
Curnow / Sparta / SFPExcel patch Starforce Productions Team 28KB 118
Intrepid Fleet HPs DKealt 532KB 253
Federation Tactical Base HP TIQHUD 52KB 161
Sparta HP update TIQHUD 13KB 69
Mnemosyne Class HP MKSoleth 30KB 101
HP blinkers for GalaxyX TIQHUD 16KB 123
HP for Fed Fighter TIQHUD 7KB 97
HP for Type1 TIQHUD 5KB 86
HP for WZ Titan MKSoleth 31KB 121
Defiant HP TIQHUD 9KB 246
P81 Constitution HP TIQHUD 11KB 245
LC Grissom HP TIQHUD 64KB 147
SFP Enterprise-B HP TIQHUD 16KB 227
SNS Akira pack HP Sith_Psycho 308KB 270
USS Victory 1.1 NO NanoFX Blinker Hardpoint Delta007_Sev 17KB 117
SNS Akira Pack (v1 and v2) Hardpoint cannon update + Carrier script Sith_Psycho 509KB 792
Starforce Productions - Alacrity Starforce Productions Team 2.27MB 151
Sovereign Improved Refit N1GH7H4WK 12KB 632
New HardPoints Sovie , Galaxy (torpedo) MScott 26KB 172
Ghostship Enterprise HPs Darth_Harry 7KB 93
Nemesis Refit Excelsior MScott 329KB 163
USS Bonaveture hardpoint fix cliperkins 23KB 74
Updated Equinox HP FourChan 7KB 105
Nova Wave Rider HP FourChan 6KB 121
Eximius Refit Jaydinator 30KB 77
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