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Federation Zhukov Hull Fix

This fixes the texture on the Zhukov. In the original it has the decals reversed, this however fixes that minor bug. Cant say i noticed th...


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Federation Akira Light skin

From the Readme: This is essentially an Akira repaint. Remodeling of the Actual ship will have to wait for the SDK. Future releases from me...


Federation New Galaxy Class Skin

Fantastic new skin for the Galaxy class vessel. Adds more depth to the whole of the ship and doesnt give any more slow down. Great skin,...


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Federation Galaxy Texture Fix

This mod is for a mod that was released but had a texture problem. The mod in question is this one So DO NOT downloa...


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Federation Galaxy Re-Texture

sorry missed this file Another new skin, this time from Lorik which is known for other mods on this site. This time he has taken...


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Federation Enhanced Engine Colours (Galaxy Class)

This improves the colours of the engines on a Galaxy Class ship. Not a bad mod ;)


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Federation XXX Soverign High res pack

This will give you high res textures on the XXX Soverign. It contains old the Data/models/ships/soverignXXX files. Be sure to check the name...


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Federation 1701-C Registries

This well cange ther Registries of Rick Knox Ambassador Class by P81 to the Registrie of the USS Enterprise 1701-C. This is a great mod f...


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Federation Better Engine Textures

Theres not much to write on this Texture. But I did look at the Targa files and them seem to look nice.


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Federation D White Engines

These are okay textures. But all I can says is there White.


Federation Agamemnon Registrey fixes file upgrade. This fixes any incorrect registries on the Original Agamenon release. High and lo...


Federation P81 Soveriegn Re-texture

This is a re-texture of the popular P81 Soveriegn. It gives the P81 Soveriegn a slightly cleaner, and more sharp texture look than the origi...


Federation Defiants_Return Warbird

Here is an unusual TNG Romulan Warbird retexture. This will give the Romulan Warbird an "harsh and ominus" look. The Hull textures are more...


Federation Echelon retexture

This retextures the TOS era Echelon class to a more TNG era ship. There is one of each picture below so you can compare them. The Echelon sh...


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Federation Soverign retexture

High res and spec maps for a soverign class. There's nothing specific in the readme, so I'm really not sure who's soverign this belongs t...


Federation USS Salem hawkeye sov retexture

Some amazing textures. Lots of pix, I'll let them do the talking.


Federation Constitution texture pack

This provides several different versions for p81's connie. There is startrek 3 and 6 damage, the drydock version (with the gold deflector i...


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Federation Galaxy and Nebula Stock Texture Upgrades

Ok, this is a texture upgrade for the stock Nebula and Galaxy ships. There are no hardpoint upgrades here, only texture files. I haven't tr...


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Federation CHimera textures

Gives marker lights to the chimera.


Federation Bridge Commander Cannon Pack

This is very nice and i love the new sovy bridge look Download now !!!!


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Federation CG Sov ultra textures

2048x2048 Textures. These massive textures will make the CG sov blow everyone else away, if you have the computer to handel it. Try running...


Federation NX-01 style TOS Connie textures

This mod will give andurals TOS connie the NX stile look with the shinny grey hull, backlit deflector, and a few other changes, like glowing...


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Federation Sovereign Retexture

Retexture for the Sovereign to make it like the Enterprise


Federation Blue Fca texture pack

contains 1024X1024 and lower res versions for Khalibans Fca. This gives the ship a darker blue color scheme, originaly designed for a clan....


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