Star Trek: Bridge Commander
God ships

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Sovereign Class Mod Excalibur2001 953KB 3380
Byners Sovereign MOD Nobody 171KB 4201
Shuttle MOD joseph delrio 55KB 1498
Soveriegn II SovereignII 998KB 7657
Bird Of Prey II ShipYard4 1.59MB 3334
Icarus Corvette HisDivineShadow 687KB 1501
XXX Soveriegn SovereignII 5.92MB 2006
35th century shuttle-God shuttle Dark Angel 6KB 2325
Galaxy XX SovereignII 5.72MB 6455
RajiShylock HisDivineShadow 980KB 1026
God Guest 9KB 2420
Enhanced Stock Soveriegn Guest 19KB 3200
Ambassador From Hell Guest 8.88MB 2001
Ghost of the 1701-A Guest 5.22MB 3227
DD Pathfinder DareDevil 668KB 1656
Stock Transport Hardpoint USS_midtown 5KB 305
Soverign mod Powzzz 33KB 2343
Super Nebula SovereignII 7.1MB 1319
Attack shuttle Temporary 271KB 950
Soverign III Temporary 4.9MB 3796
Super Galaxy-X Temporary 5.09MB 4064
USS Frontline SovereignII 3.19MB 1571
USS blacklight mobile base SovereignII 16.16MB 947
Advanced warbird SovereignII 1.11MB 1376
Turbo Brel SovereignII 1.62MB 781
Super Galaxy SovereignII 10.57MB 5332
Stealth Akira SovereignII 4.69MB 1957
Vorcha II SovereignII 1.59MB 747
Vega Cube SovereignII 3.73MB 4835
SoveriegnII Refit SovereignII 4.35MB 1406
Uber stock Sov source unknown 11KB 937
God of the God soverigns source unknown 12KB 3693
Sovereign II HP Mod SovereignII 13KB 977
Da Dragon Guest 731KB 824
Dragonpak Dragon 732KB 662
God Defiant Guest 3.47MB 4268
Chris Larkin's God Galaxy Chris Larkin 11KB 805
USS Excelsior B Captain Bryan 3.57MB 850
Abunai Class WatashiBaka 3.83MB 491
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