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God ships Sovereign Class Mod

Adds retextured warp engines (green) and standard blue. Also darkened shield bubble color. For best effect turn on enhanced glows. Also...


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God ships Byners Sovereign MOD

There was Quantum torps, now theres Quantum Beams! Taking out a ship with phasers just got easier. This mod includes the following: e...


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God ships Shuttle MOD

This a great new weapons mod for the shutttle craft, this allows it to be used in any battle


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God ships Soveriegn II

Powerful, colourful and just about as fun as you can get. Get put in the captains chair of this beast and you are sure to give your enemy...


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God ships Bird Of Prey II

This is a new version of the Bird of Prey, its quick, agil, & kool


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God ships Icarus Corvette

Another god ship. This one sports some neat looking orange pulse canons. Even though it's a god power ship, it's defenetly worth cruisng wit...


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God ships XXX Soveriegn

This is a modified version of the soveriegn, It has modified weapons and different registries


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God ships 35th century shuttle-God shuttle

Turns the stock shuttle into an uber shuttle with a very large number for the impulse speed value, shields, and hull. I doubt this is mul...


God ships Galaxy XX

This ship would be really fun to play in if the shields werent invincible I took on a sovereign and a defiant and destroyed them both in fiv...


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God ships RajiShylock

Big note: The review numbers are based on using this ship against other Bridge Commander ships. Against other "God" ships, kick the Balance...


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God ships God

Nothing special? Really? This is just a modification. Why is it posted under God Ships? Because it will turn the stock Sovereign into...


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God ships Enhanced Stock Soveriegn

This is an "upgrade" to the stock Soveriegn class ship, as it's name states. Why is it in God ships? Because it turns the stock ship in...


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God ships Ambassador From Hell

It's mean, Green, and lit like half the Honda's in china town. It's the deemon ambassador. Hideous texturing combined with powerful torpe...


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God ships Ghost of the 1701-A

Just like the Titanic in Ghostbusters, the Enterprise-A comes back from the dead armed to the teeth with ghostly powers. enhanced repair, po...


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God ships DD Pathfinder

Here is a ship that definatly deserves to be put in the God Ships. I destroyed P81's Galaxy class in seconds. The torpedoes come out in a ne...


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God ships Stock Transport Hardpoint

This will give the Transport Phasers and torpedo's. It's phaser has very high damage, but really short bursts, rather like the phasers gener...


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God ships Soverign mod

As the Auhtor says, too strong to be canon. Uses what looks like the stock sov, and gives it weapons such as the Quantum phasers, cloaking d...


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God ships Super Nebula

The nebula couterpart to the super galaxy, it has evertyhing the galaxy has, including the addition of an ungodly large photon barage capabi...


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God ships Attack shuttle

Elevates a standard type 6 shuttle to godhood. This shuttle IS invinceable. It has 66000 hull points, a shield recharge of 1000 points and 1...


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God ships Soverign III

This is an iteresting design that comes from giving a soverign a pointed bow, 2 extra galaxy naelles, and a nebula weapons pod. The blkue te...


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God ships Super Galaxy-X

Combination Galaxy-x, Nebula weapons pod, and miranda roll bar, this ship is as mean as it is ugly. WOuldn't be bad if all the phasers didn...


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God ships USS Frontline

A 4 ancelled super sov with alot of 5 diget stats.. 80,000 shields, 99,000 hull, endless firing weapons...ect. And it's yellow.


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God ships USS blacklight mobile base

A soverign with a way out of scale starbase top on it's back. Design would look better if the base was textured to match the size of the sov...


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God ships Advanced warbird

Gives the stock warbird 90,000 hull points. And while the shields are weak, the 300 damage points and high hull level pretty much gaurentees...


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