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Kessok Kessok rebalance

Rebalances the Kessok light and heavy to the standards of modded ships by P81.


Kessok Canon kessok textures

This will give you a kessok light and heavy texture that closer matches the color scheme found in the ending video scene of the game. Darker...


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Kessok Kessok Refit Mod

This mod will upgrade the Kessok Heavy Cruiser, Kessok Light Cruiser, Kessok Weapons Probe, and Cardassian Hybrid to be more combati...


Kessok Sith Kessok

This is, finally a new Kessok ship. It is a kitbash, based mostly on the stock Kessok Heavy, with some added bits on the warp pods and the f...


Kessok Kessok Assault

We have here a Kessok Kitbash. Good for another Kessok ship, but I think I speak for all Kessok fans when I say I think we need a totally or...


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Kessok Kessok Mine HP update

It seems that a faction (probably rakellans) have stolen several KessokMines and have updated them with shielding, a better cloak, more p...


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Kessok Kessok Ship Upgrades

This is a small upgrade for the Kessok vessels that makes them faster and more maneuverable with stronger weapons and four warheads per torp...


Kessok Kessok Super

Here is the Kessok super ship mod, this updates the textures and hardpoints of three vessels within the game, including the Kessok Light, Ke...


Kessok Ultimate Kessok upgrade

This modification fully cannonizes all Kessok vessels and equipment in the game, and sharpens the textures of the solarformer as well.


Kessok Baz1701 Kessok and Hybrid Ship Replacements

Author: Baz1701These are brand new ship replacements to replace and totally update stock Kessok Light and Heavy ships, as well as Cardassian...


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