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Klingon A2 Klingon research base

Sounds like cannon fodder to me. No doubt there's weapons on it despite the fact it's supposed to be a research base. Seems to add as a sh...


Klingon Klingon Stations Pack

This is a nice Klingon Station Pack that includes seven different Klingon Stations, arays and turrets ported from SFC2. Take a look at a few...


Klingon Klingon Imperial Starbase

Klingon Imperial Class Starbase When your Bird Of Prey is in need of repairs from glorious battle or your Blood wine is running low


Klingon Klingon Advanced Drydock

we give to you the Starforce Productions Klingon Drydock This klingon shipyard is 1200m long. [scre...


Klingon Klingon Defence Station

WE Have here the Klingon Strategic Defence Station "Tygokor" And since this is a Klingon Strategic Defence Station, it can only do Minor...


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