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Klingon Red Bird of Prey

Interesting idea here, but pays off pretty well in practice. Adds red to both wings on the BoP and on its "head". Its not exacly a decre...


Klingon D-14 Bird of Prey Skin

This re-skin of the Klingon bird of prey. it looks a hundred times better then the stock version*which was really boring looking*. If you...


Klingon DX Neghvar retexture

A retexture of the DX neghvar. Removes the orange from the engines, now red. Darker green hull textures as well.


Klingon Nethak High res green version

Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.


Klingon Vorch Retecture NEW

WOW This is a retexture of the Klingon Vorcha Class ShipIn my opinion Its pretty Damn Good Although the Windows look a litl...


Klingon High (Bop re-texture)

This is a re-texture of the stock Bird of Prey which simply defines areas of the model with more pronounced edges using darker lines.


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Klingon VaJaq Speculars (repost)

The previous specualrs didn't have the right extention. it should be _specular not _spec. If you've already downlaoded it you can change t...


Klingon Stock BoP Impulse retexture

This mod retextures your stock Klingon Bird of Prey impulse engine to make it look more like the the one in the shows and movies.


Klingon DX Neg'Var retexture

This mod is a pretty awesome retexture of DX's Neg'Var class. The textures are high-res so this download isn't too 56-k people friendly....


Klingon panzer2s Tzeentchvorcha textures

Here's my third set of fun textures for the KM1.0 Vorcha based on Warhammer 40K's chaos god Tzeentch Nurgle next, now thats going to be h...


Klingon panzer2s khornevorcha textures

Some fun Klingon Vorcha textures based on Warhammer 40ks 1 of 4 Chaos god called Khorne The 3 other Chaos god, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nur...


Klingon panzer2s slaaneshvorcha textures

my 2nd set of fun textures for the vorcha this time based upon the warhammer 40k god of chaos slaanesh, please enjoy


Klingon panzer2s Nurglevorcha textures

Here's my final set of fun textures for the KM1.0 Vorcha based on Warhammer 40K's chaos god nurgle now that was a challenge, but i did it...


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