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Klingon Klingon Bird of Prey

This Klingon ship will challange the powerful Federation mods


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Klingon Canon Hardpoints Pack (Klingon Edition)

These are upgrades to the b'rel negvar kvort and vortcha the b'rel was an easy target for the p81 galaxy but the others were too powerful fo...


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Klingon Vorcha improvment mod

This will improve the strength of the Totaly Games Vorcha model. It will now compete with P81's Replacement federation ships. I just engaged...


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Klingon Marauder Photon addition mod

This will give the stock marauder 2 foreward torpedo tubes, which fire photon torpedo's. Note that the above file is not the stock scrip...


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Klingon Mayhem Bop

Basicly the same as the last Bop, but this one includes the Imperial quantum torpedoes as well as smaller pulse cannons that now look alot b...


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Klingon Elminsters Vorcha Hardpoint Upgrade

Finaly someone knows that a vorcha is as strong as a galaxy this is another amazing hardpoint mod from elminster


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Klingon Elminsters BOP update

This is an update to the stock BOP It is quick and highly manouverable and absolutly lethal in small packs. Time to kick the Dominion...


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Klingon Shield Display fix for Quantum's D7

This will fix the Tactical display on Quantum's D7 Kingon cruiser. I am assuming this is by Quantum as no-one else is mentioned in the r...


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Klingon Tos D7

Updates to p81's D7. The phasers do 90 damage and it has 4000-5000 shields, so it should be roughly even with the miranda. We know the const...


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Klingon TeraByte's MPneghvar HP Update

This is my first-ever mod. It is a hardpoint update for the MPneghvar which tones down the shields and weapons on it, as I felt that they we...


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Klingon Phased Torps for BoP

This gives the Klingon Bird of Prey Phased Torpedos.


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Klingon hps Neghvar Class

This is MRJOHN's version of a Neghvar.


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Klingon K'vort HP Update

Here is an update to the Rick Knox K'vort Class HP for your enjoyment. Cheers!


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Klingon P81 Cloak Pack

Here is a cloak pack for P81's ships for your enjoyment. Cheers!


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Klingon p81 BoP hp fix

mayhemuk found a small error in my hp and so he fixed up for me, a big thx to mayhemuk


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Klingon Captain Gantus P81 BOP hardpoint replacement

This hardpoint for P81s brel is by Captain Gantu the changes are as follows: slightly upgraged manuverability,most propertys are stronger,s...


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Klingon Klingon Enhancement Pack

The is a HP pack that has a Negh'Var and Vor'Cha HP in it that's about it. ussrelativity made this And I will fix the name later.


Klingon Elminsters Kvort Update

Here is a cool new hardpoint for the K'vort. These Hp's are well ballance. This dosen't make the K'vort a god ship, but you will definately...



This is a redo of the P81 Bird of Prey. Ive added the Intire ship as Im not certain everyone has this scaled version and the Hardpoints may...


Klingon Neg'Var Hardpoint

This is a very good hardpoint for DXs' Neg'var class that plasters the hull with beams and disruptors. It also features new torpedoes and...


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Klingon K'tinga Hardpoint

A well balanced Hardpoint for a TMP vessel (i think?), and also against ships of the same era. Though it is no match for the more powerful o...


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Klingon Blinkers for P81's BoP

A hardpoint by TiqHud that adds blinkers to the Klingon Bird of Prey


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Klingon Blinkers for Negh'Var

This hardpoint will add blinking lights to the Negh'Var found here:;3318


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Klingon Neghvar HP update

Some icon fixing for the ship;3318


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