Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.2.5 Blackrook32 605.6MB 23
Chris Jones and Jeff Watts Jr. System Pack Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 662KB 2715
Cjones Banzi system addons Chris Jones 1.05MB 800
Cjones Multi-System Mod Cjones 735KB 793
Sol Multisystem Chris Jones 1.44MB 1394
Chris Jones BC Systems 2003 - Single Player Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 2.54MB 1277
Romulus Map - w/ Dockable Tal Shiar Base Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 1.66MB 1510
Sol Multisystem (Warp to 9 Planets) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2 Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 19.13MB 6040
Sol Multisystem (Warp to 10 Planets+) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2 Chris Jones 64.72MB 5982
wolf 359 system Ben Howard 16KB 3568
Dasher's Solar Systems Unimatrix 1 4.48MB 9028
ZM System Pack Zorg / Morpheus 13.27MB 4306
BanzaiZAP System Pack 13 Ben Howard 11.34MB 2816
BanzaiZAP System Pack 12 to 13 upgrade Ben Howard 3.99MB 588
System pack 14 Ben Howard 12.67MB 5999
System pack 13 to 14 upgrade Guest 1.72MB 568
Banzi system addons-unmodded Chris Jones 300KB 328
MultiPlayer System Maps for stock 1.1 - Final Edition Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 12.07MB 1625
MultiPlayer System Maps for stock 1.1 Chris Jones 24.69MB 1701
BZ_SystemPack8 Ben Howard 797KB 734
Dasher's Solar System with NanoFx2 Dasher42 5.92MB 7460
ZM System Pack w/ NanoFx2 Atmospheres Zorg / Morpheus 16.91MB 7727
Multiplayer Systems in Quickbattle Chris Larkin 41KB 3118
High Res Cardassia Textures Guest 37.31MB 228
Starfield Lightning Productions 213KB 1606
New Nebulae Textures Ben Howard 154KB 2754
Starfield Texture Quantum 56KB 531
Hi Res Starfield jond 14KB 3584
Starfield Texture Simon Paterson 14KB 4363
Unbreakable's Background Textures Unbreakable 6.09MB 3410
Holodeck background mod Travis 146KB 294
High Density Starfield Quantum 171KB 1095
Canon stars and star streaks book 2KB 545
starfield Admiral Alou 587KB 1012
Q-Barrier Phasers On Stun 1.21MB 348
Space Dust Phasers On Stun 7KB 1349
Fluid Space Phasers On Stun 1.06MB 855
Starfield-bcmod version Admiral Alou 96KB 764
New Nebula7 Minion 542KB 411
Joxbos Starfield Joxbo 189KB 392
Wormhole Mod R2Destroyer 671KB 1084
Q-barrier jbgestl 31KB 316
Tholian web jbgestl 42KB 269
Trek Nebula 7 Skipper 449KB 300
Space Dust Mod We Don't Know 586B 215
Subspace Captain Guzda 711KB 280
Hi-Res Starfield DarkMagic 158KB 2336
Warp Starstreaks nx-01rules 7KB 1308
Borg Nebula Background Commander One 288KB 1731
Background mod Siyanoq 5.13MB 1936