Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Earth High Quality [NEW] Guest 53.07MB 752
starfield2 Guest 1.17MB 55
starfield2 Guest 1.17MB 68
HQ Planets and asteroids 1.2 update Guest 199.75MB 706
E7's Various Nebulae Guest 72.83MB 601
Movie Stars Pack Guest 11.76MB 500
Vintaak System [tholian dock] Guest 13.58MB 169
Promellian Asteroid System Guest 1.68MB 225
Earth TOS eraed [sfrd] Guest 1.96MB 98
New Kessok Homeworld [sfrd] Guest 539KB 133
Realistic dense nebula 2.0 Guest 34.48MB 155
GemHar system Guest 480KB 4
Terran Empire System ModernEra -sfrd- Guest 1.38MB 69
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack Guest 17.57MB 135
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack Guest 18.36MB 201
Fix for the Khan system Guest 8.29MB 107
Chris Jones and Jeff Watts Jr. System Pack Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 662KB 2,718
Cjones Banzi system addons Chris Jones 1.05MB 805
Cjones Multi-System Mod Cjones 735KB 800
Sol Multisystem Chris Jones 1.44MB 1,409
Chris Jones BC Systems 2003 - Single Player Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 2.54MB 1,287
Romulus Map - w/ Dockable Tal Shiar Base Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 1.66MB 1,516
Sol Multisystem (Warp to 9 Planets) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2 Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 19.13MB 6,048
Sol Multisystem (Warp to 10 Planets+) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2 Chris Jones 64.72MB 5,989
wolf 359 system Ben Howard 16KB 3,580
Dasher's Solar Systems Unimatrix 1 4.48MB 9,046
ZM System Pack Zorg / Morpheus 13.27MB 4,318
BanzaiZAP System Pack 13 Ben Howard 11.34MB 2,821
BanzaiZAP System Pack 12 to 13 upgrade Ben Howard 3.99MB 589
System pack 14 Ben Howard 12.67MB 6,012
System pack 13 to 14 upgrade Guest 1.72MB 570
Banzi system addons-unmodded Chris Jones 300KB 331
MultiPlayer System Maps for stock 1.1 - Final Edition Chris Jones and Jeff Watts 12.07MB 1,627
MultiPlayer System Maps for stock 1.1 Chris Jones 24.69MB 1,708
BZ_SystemPack8 Ben Howard 797KB 738
Dasher's Solar System with NanoFx2 Dasher42 5.92MB 7,462
ZM System Pack w/ NanoFx2 Atmospheres Zorg / Morpheus 16.91MB 7,734
Multiplayer Systems in Quickbattle Chris Larkin 41KB 3,124
High Res Cardassia Textures Guest 37.31MB 231
Starfield Lightning Productions 213KB 1,608
New Nebulae Textures Ben Howard 154KB 2,757
Starfield Texture Quantum 56KB 535
Hi Res Starfield jond 14KB 3,590
Starfield Texture Simon Paterson 14KB 4,370
Unbreakable's Background Textures Unbreakable 6.09MB 3,413
Holodeck background mod Travis 146KB 304
High Density Starfield Quantum 171KB 1,099
Canon stars and star streaks book 2KB 551
starfield Admiral Alou 587KB 1,017
Q-Barrier Phasers On Stun 1.21MB 349