Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Screenshot Presentation Hary74656 2.35MB 244
Federation Vs Borg Video mongoosed 97.33MB 2,307
BC The movie Locutus4884 97.33MB 2,493
Enterprise Opening Movie CaptAidy1701 12.36MB 1,665
Enterprise Opening Movie CaptAidy1701 11.54MB 1,127
Fallen Angel Squadron Movie Capt Aidy & Phoenix={FeTT}= 10.62MB 665
3rd Era Bridge Plugin 3rd Era 44.79MB 2,361
DS9 Intro Movie Pyro 42.4MB 1,241
Jerry Goldsmith A tribute CaptAidy1701 15.2MB 1,361
Enterprise Opening Replacement CaptainFish 29.96MB 428
Bridge Commander: Another movie JTS1701 26.34MB 1,025
Voyager Opening Replacement atomic_danny 20.54MB 2,926
BC: Another Movie JTS1701 24.62MB 681
BC: Kobayashi Maru Video JTS1701 20.76MB 2,647
STBC Video Guest 33.75MB 506
Deep Space 9 JTS1701 59.32MB 928
Deep Space 9 JTS1701 42.28MB 566
Federation Vs Klingon Preview Uss_Soverign1234 8.43MB 972
BC Video archer9234 923KB 482
BC Video 2 archer9234 1.02MB 432
Generations Reinactment video Me 6.5MB 574
1701-A Launch Video Me 5.81MB 1,209
Warbird firing sequence Guest 2.87MB 230
Sov Combat Video Guest 4.27MB 554
BC Expansion 1.3 USS Donoghue 11.33MB 1,524
BC Expansion 1.3 video USS Donoghue 10.69MB 2,076
Startrek Comedy Game Stephan Ramsey 20.22MB 1,285
FBCMP Preview Hary74656 30.27MB 591
Vorcha battle video JamesTiberiusKirk 4.97MB 201
Neghvar Vs Sov Video JamesTiberiusKirk 6.27MB 549
Borg attack Video JamesTiberiusKirk 5.04MB 1,157
Galaxy battle video JamesTiberiusKirk 6.41MB 898
2005 BC Calender Guest 1.32MB 708
Promo Guest 9.69MB 138
Enterprise Opening Replacement CaptainFish 31.8MB 598
A Star Trek: Enterprise Rememberance Video Guest 4.88MB 1,858
Ablative Armour Video blurb23 337KB 1,780
STBC - EOL 1.3 Battlevideo LewrBM69 69.15MB 1,599
Deploy Armor David Maggio 2.53MB 510
Teaser The Teaser Group 2.21MB 318
Battle Video JamesTiberiusKirk 12.1MB 1,365
Deceptions Teaser video The Teaser Group 33.95MB 581
FBCMP .8 Preview Hary74656 10.17MB 889
Sample AI video Resistance is Fultile 83.01MB 1,085
Mirror Enterprise Intro Replacement atomic_danny 29.12MB 2,630
Startrek: 2900 Guest 14.97MB 551
Enterprise Intro (video) Jim Paris 7.43MB 974
Dominion Wars Intro Shinzon_Of_Remus 47.42MB 2,244
BC Adventure video archer9234 7.3MB 1,070
BC Adventures 2 archer9234 8.22MB 606