Star Trek: Bridge Commander
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
3in1 Sovereign MOD RanCorX2 7KB 4,491
6 Mod Pack Guest 1.68MB 3,194
Alexis' Mods Alexis 22KB 2,671
Mega Mod Bundle! RanCorX2 1.81MB 5,130
Intrepid Bridge Felix’s New View Jordan Evans 6KB 1,439
Shield Mod Pack ART OF WAR 1.11MB 1,557
Game Voice Bridge Commander Temporary 6KB 1,283
Damaged Intrepid Jordan Evans 13KB 796
Bridge Commander: The Ultimate Experience (Unofficial) USS Donoghue 2.09MB 5,383
Atmospheric Effects Guest 217KB 1,055
Camera Views joseph delrio 289KB 1,339
Enemy Fleet Order Chris Jones 737KB 2,966
C2X Bridge Commander TNG Intro C2Extreme 35.64MB 2,927
New Targeting Cursors Queball 5KB 1,099
Saffi Be Silent Mod joseph delrio 113KB 680
Maartens Tractor Beams Maarten 212KB 517
New Tractor Textures carl4286 238KB 639
Senior Officers Abandon Script. fedmods 213KB 1,665
FBCMP English fix FBCMP team 32KB 674
No Intro Mod wijiwang 45KB 412
Distress Signal Defiant 227KB 5,657
Felix speech in QuickBattle Guest 26KB 473
BC 1.1a MOD [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 7.96MB 1,663
AIs for Borg and Player Resistance is Fultile 23KB 1,277
BCInfinity v2.0.0 SMC-Hunt Productions 150.78MB 7,720
Kenjar's Core Balance Tool Kenjar 359KB 711
ZambieZan's Shield Texture Zambie Zan 6KB 1,530
Shield Texture Upgrade CaptainBryan 3KB 927
Electric Shield Effect JamesTiberiusKirk 191KB 1,646
Single Pulse Fire Toggle Collective Alliance 2KB 1,657
Shield Texture Trekie80 1.97MB 638
NanoFX2b Fixes MLeoDaalder 5KB 7,313
JTK's Shield Textures & Lost Jedi's Program JamesTiberiusKirk 1.64MB 841
Construct Defiant 210KB 1,837
Tactical Shields/ Phasers w/Loading Screen Guest 419KB 1,093
Ansirial's Net BC Stick Enabler Ansirial 209KB 941
Repair Destroyed Systems Rob Archer 5.22MB 5,356
Redistribute Shields Madon 10KB 5,120
BCS: The Beginning Bridge Commander Scripters 7.85MB 15,619
Chris Larkins Tractor Retexture Chris Larkin 11KB 534
BC Infinity V1.0.0 KM SMC-Hunt Productions 63.55MB 1,380
Advanced Shield Textures icpruleuk 7.89MB 937
Portuegese Translation Siclair 65.39MB 1,500
QuickBattle add on Jhamellyjelly 64KB 974
Discharge Shields V2 ChillerHippie 378KB 1,568
New Set of Terran Empire plugins TIQHUD 3KB 197
New Torpedo RedLeader1701 252KB 136
Captians Choice James Bonsall 2KB 257
Different Cursor for InGame use Desert Storm Sandtrooper 2KB 120
Shielding Textures Colective010 165KB 486
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