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Missions Voyager Mission

This is a Quick Battle Replacement mission using the USS Voyager. This mod requires a bunch of things, here is a list of the required mods:...


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Missions Yesterday's Enterprise

Here is another Quick Battle Replacement Mission. This one is based upon the TNG epidode "Yesterday's Enterprise". In this one, you have to...


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Missions Star Trek III

This QBR Mission is based upon Star Trek III - The Search for Spock. It's pretty good and isn't that easy. The author could have reduced the...


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Missions Dominion Mission

Here is a dominion based QBR mission thats really great just make sure you have all the ships


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Missions Insurrection

Boy another QBR mission well this time its from star trek 9 which ive never seen so I cant tell you how canon or non-canon this is but it wa...


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Missions Wrath Of Khan Mission

this Wrath of khan mission lets you play as the reliant so download away. KH


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Missions Star Trek Nemesis Mission(Enterprise)

kool another missiong this is a recreation of nemesis with the player as the enterprise.


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Missions Star Trek Nemesis mission(Scimitar)

This mission is a recreation of star trek nemesis, this version lets you play as the Scimitar.


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Missions Star Trek Nemesis mission(Valdore)

This mission is a recreation of star trek nemesis this version will have you playing as a valdore class ship


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Missions Some sort of mission

Mystery mission. Installs as a BCmod. Not readme in the zip. And since it is a BCmod, I haven't a clue what files it installs to where so I...


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Missions First Contact 2 Mission

This is the mission for first contact, I like it cause it uses most of P81s ships witch im sure most of you have :). This is the first missi...


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Missions Dominion Missions

This is a QBR mission focusing on the Dominion Wars. Not very Complex as QBR mission goes. Only (4) starsystems in the campaign. You will ne...


Missions Single Player Mod

This mod changes the Galaxy and Sovereign in the single player Bridge Commander Campaign. The Galaxy becomes the Nebula and the Sovereign...


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Missions Enterprise Mission

This is a very run of the mill QBR mission script. Nothing out of the common way. You will need the P81 NX-01 Enterprise, The Pre TOS Romula...


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Missions Non Sequitir

This is a little Mini Mission. The story line will not be revealed as it will ruin your fun. These are the Following Ships Needed:...


Missions To Warp or not to Warp (Part 1)

This is a great new mission by Chris Jones. It requires the latest version of QBR (2.2) so make sure you have it installed.


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Missions The Expanse

Hear we go back to Erath after being attacked by a hostel unknown race and you are to go into the briar patch and make your way through and...


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Missions Scorpion

This makes it so you can plsy the battle between the Borg and Species 8472 in the VOY episode "Scorpion".


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Missions Nemesis 1045

This is an interpretation of how the battle w/ the Scimitar might have gone in Star Trek Nemesis if the Enterprise had actually...


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Missions The Kobayashi Maru

This is a recreation of the Kobyashi Maru senario for QBR 2.2. You will need the following mods already installed to this mission to work


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Missions RHCD Script Pack

Here is a basic overview (author's words): OVERVIEW Version 1.04 adds a new script called "Random Skirmish". There are now...


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Missions Best Of Both Worlds Mission

Play as the stardrive as you battle with the saucer section agaist the borg cube.


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Missions Wolf 359

Play as an excelcior class, joined by the fleet, agaist the borg cube.


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Missions Cjones systems 2

Lots of requirements, I'll include the thread: This is techni...


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