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Missions Big Dogs

When some enemies meet, it's best just to stay out of the way. Mission Briefing: Be either the stardestroyer or the cube.


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Missions Stargate vs. Borg

This QBR mission will set up scenario where the Trek and Stargate universes collide. With an all out attack by the Borg, against the most po...


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Missions New Threat 13 - Stab In The Heart

New Threat 13 This time you will command a Victory Class star destroyer fitted with a cloaking device. Your mission is to infiltrate the...


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Missions Capture The Enterprise

Capture The Enterprise Qbr Mission In this mission you must discreetly steal the Enterprise back from her captors. She is guarded.


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Missions Renegade

Here is a single player mission for the Quick Battle Replacement (QBR). In this mission you take the role of Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the...


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Missions New Threat 14 - In a Mirror Brightly

Here is the fourteenth "New Threat" mission, this time its in a mirror universe where the Terran Empire are invading the Galactic Republic...


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Missions Inbound

Inbound QBR Mission Friendly ships in range; eight. Enemy ships inbound; one hundred and fifty. Good luck Liu, out.


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Missions New Threat 15 (QBR mission)

A New Collection of QBR missions from the Author Darth Harry. many ships are used So it is Imperative to Read the readme Looks like i...


Missions Locutus of Borg (QBR Mission)

Here is a new QBR mission, this time your role is of the Borg where you have to take an assimilated sovereign class starship and use it to d...


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Missions Wolf 359 (QBR Mission)

Here is a remake of the original Wolf 359 QBR Mission, unlike the first version all the ships don't start in the same location or the same...


Missions QBR mission {inbound}

a QBR Mission named Inbound v2 setup by MScott. This is a remake of the "King of Lag" mission Inbound. Not as many ships, but still no...


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Missions Marauders V1 (QBR Mission)

Here is a mission against the Klingons, this time they have the advantage of firing while cloaked. Your mission is to survive against this t...


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Missions Wrath of Khan V3

Here is the third version of the Wrath of Khan QBR mission, the only change is that the ships do not start at the same location. In the firs...


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Missions Vulcan Rebellion (QBR)

Vulcan Rebellion QBR Mission. setup by Darth Harry note: this also contains a hardpoint that balances the NX Colombia to the other ships...


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Missions QBR Mission Wolf359

Canon Wolf 359 QBR mission by Darth Harry Here is the author's take on the Wolf 359 battle. he wanted to make it as canon as possible....


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