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Modding Tools TGA Tool Editor

This is an editor that well edit TGA files. It well work along with your best graphics editing program if you don't have one it well work...


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Modding Tools Ultimate model viewer

This is the model viewer that allows you to view several different file types for models, such as armada (1 and 2), homeworld, BC, SFC, KA a...


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Modding Tools Tactical Display Editor

Now comes with a better installer system. It also fixes a bug with the torpedo and pulse weapons. This program will let you easily and quick...


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Modding Tools Tgl Editor

Here is a nefty lil thing to make tlgs with , this would be handy if Bcmp didn't make them too. There was no read me for this so I don...


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Modding Tools Gui Mission Builder

hear is a ezer in my view QB but is out side the "game" it is a 3rd party mission builder i tryed it it is still in testing but it is worth...


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Modding Tools Milkshape Nif Importer/Exporter plugins

these plugins allow seamless conversion of ships through almost all star trek games.


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Modding Tools Advanced Ship Description Writer

This is basically a text editor which allows you to convert your text descriptions into a format acceptable by the BC's Foundation to be use...


Modding Tools Bridge Commander Universal Tool (BCUT) v.1.8.1

This program is the intended replacement of the BCMP/BCMI updated for today's standards. It is also the successor of the Bridge Commander Sh...


Modding Tools Tactical Display Icon Editor (TDIE) v.1.0.6

This program is the intended replacement of the old Tactical Display Editor which was written way back in 2003.The program allows you to pos...


Modding Tools TGL Editor (2021)

Author USS SovereignSo I lost my BCUT source long ago. I decided to write a new TGL editor and reverse engineer the TGL structure once again...


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