Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
End Communication Image Freax 129KB 694
Kobayashi Maru - Patch KM Team 611KB 23968
Kobayashi Maru Intro Aces High 881KB 1103
Damage Lcars (in Macromedia Flash) solotreker476976 213KB 2087
Berlin Class Set yopyop 79.75MB 1805
Deep Space Nine FX Bridge Commander Scripters 306.96MB 15069
More Canon Shield Textures ChillerHippie 4.45MB 1271
Galaxy Charts USS Frontier 3.19MB 8474
BC 1.1 - KM 1.0 portuguese translation Siclair 1.77MB 517
SG Pack 3.0 Multiplayer Patch Dave975 + DKealt 20KB 1106
Bridge Commander Advanced [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 27.6MB 724
New BC Dress Up Pack v1.0 hjenterprises 6.06MB 303
NanoFX v2 beta new sounds and warp flash NX-73811 1.79MB 730
Changing Bridges For TCMP connies TIQHUD 98KB 136
Bonaventure shuttle launching TIQHUD 226KB 135
Shield Pack FourChan 2.9MB 819
Terran Empire Starbase Fix TIQHUD 726KB 100
Voyager Lights CaptainJPicard 13KB 111
Teeth's Rebalance to KM1.0 Teeth 1.45MB 174
HQ_planets_and_asteroids_and_new_tractor Vladko1 28.93MB 643
DS9 new shield + New damage and sparks Vladko1 15.12MB 263
Sovereign enhancement Guest 2.5MB 7766
Voyager SP Ben Labbe 3.33MB 9332
Warbird SP Ben Labbe 1.04MB 1533
Sovereign in all SP missions Ben Labbe 984KB 2902
Intrepid or defiant in single player Captain Guzda 5.57MB 10369
Alternate cardassian bridge background Doug27Mobley 361KB 745
Engineering Background Doug27Mobley 147KB 1590
Akira and Defiant for SP book 540KB 3105
1.1 Tweaked Scripts MRK2 Guest 23KB 495
Single Player Sovereign MVAM mod USS Premonition 434KB 1625
Single Player Customizer cnotsch 1.65MB 970
3in1 Sovereign MOD RanCorX2 7KB 4487
6 Mod Pack Guest 1.68MB 3183
Alexis' Mods Alexis 22KB 2666
Mega Mod Bundle! RanCorX2 1.81MB 5116
Intrepid Bridge Felix’s New View Jordan Evans 6KB 1429
Shield Mod Pack ART OF WAR 1.11MB 1547
Game Voice Bridge Commander Temporary 6KB 1267
Damaged Intrepid Jordan Evans 13KB 789
Bridge Commander: The Ultimate Experience (Unofficial) USS Donoghue 2.09MB 5367
Atmospheric Effects Guest 217KB 1052
Camera Views joseph delrio 289KB 1338
Enemy Fleet Order Chris Jones 737KB 2957
C2X Bridge Commander TNG Intro C2Extreme 35.64MB 2921
New Targeting Cursors Queball 5KB 1092
Saffi Be Silent Mod joseph delrio 113KB 670
Maartens Tractor Beams Maarten 212KB 516
New Tractor Textures carl4286 238KB 628
Senior Officers Abandon Script. fedmods 213KB 1658