Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
End Communication Image Freax 129KB 700
Kobayashi Maru v.0.9.1 - Patch KM Team 611KB 24,013
Kobayashi Maru Intro Aces High 881KB 1,108
Damage Lcars (in Macromedia Flash) solotreker476976 213KB 2,089
Berlin Class Set yopyop 79.75MB 1,810
Deep Space Nine FX Bridge Commander Scripters 306.96MB 15,081
More Canon Shield Textures ChillerHippie 4.45MB 1,276
Galaxy Charts USS Frontier 3.19MB 8,488
BC 1.1 - KM 1.0 portuguese translation Siclair 1.77MB 520
SG Pack 3.0 Multiplayer Patch Dave975 + DKealt 20KB 1,107
Bridge Commander Advanced [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 27.6MB 733
New BC Dress Up Pack v1.0 hjenterprises 6.06MB 310
NanoFX v2 beta new sounds and warp flash NX-73811 1.79MB 731
Changing Bridges For TCMP connies TIQHUD 98KB 137
Bonaventure shuttle launching TIQHUD 226KB 136
Shield Pack FourChan 2.9MB 825
Terran Empire Starbase Fix TIQHUD 726KB 105
Voyager Lights CaptainJPicard 13KB 121
Teeth's Rebalance to KM1.0 Teeth 1.45MB 175
HQ_planets_and_asteroids_and_new_tractor Vladko1 28.93MB 653
DS9 new shield + New damage and sparks Vladko1 15.12MB 276
BC Dress up Pack v2.0 (Red Alert) Guest 6.62MB 443
Nebula-Generating Weapon Guest 577KB 873
Borg AI Final Guest 10KB 666
First Contact Cube FIX Guest 1KB 667
Seeker Torpedo Guest 4KB 631
Frontier's Tech Pack Guest 32KB 258
Dkyr Hardpoint Guest 79KB 238
Frontier's Tech Pack Guest 32KB 1,669
Weapons and arcs icon remade Guest 1.13MB 97
Galaxy Charts Guest 1.23MB 11,899
Star Trek XI Mod Guest 205MB 4,344
QBStartShip & Bridge Selector Guest 4KB 1,171
SHOOT Profile for Stock Bridge Commander Guest 45KB 452
DS9 Warp Flash Guest 735KB 275
Aftermath TOS War Pack Guest 47.67MB 1,474
Star Trek XI Mod Guest 29.92MB 1,568
E7s Realistic Nebulae Guest 18.52MB 1,178
First Contact Single Player Mission Guest 7.13MB 434
CG Sovereign SLF Upgrade Guest 17KB 181
DS9FX Xtended Guest 798.08MB 9,089
stosto3's torpedopack Guest 80KB 92
Silk and Smooth Shield Texture Guest 51KB 342
Sovereign001 TNG shielding Guest 859KB 196
Cool shielding effect Guest 372KB 376
Slipstream for Galaxy Charts Guest 17KB 1,076
Impulse Disabling Torpedo Guest 12KB 341
builder396s HQ asteroid textures Guest 19.34MB 62
builder396s HQ asteroid textures V1.1 (REWORK) Guest 7.84MB 143
Hold the line Guest 4KB 125