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Modifications QBR 2.2

this mod replaces quick battle and gives advanced options for QB.


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Modifications Classic BC Music 1.0

Classic BC Music edited by Uss DonoghueNow you can enjoy listening to all your favourite music peices from BC. You can extract the...


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Modifications Against Us QBR MIssion

There are a total of six Maquis Raiders spread out in the Savoy system, TAKE THEM OUT...(they are agile and FAST, did I mention AGILE).


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Modifications Kobayashi Maru MP/QB Mod Pack (0.9)

Kobayashi Maru - Version 0.9. This is a Bridge Commander Mod pack.


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Modifications Bridge Plugin (0.8)

This file will update the games bridges and bridge effects to include fire, smoke, realistic sparks and even static on the view screen.


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Modifications New HP for NX500 (2.0)

This is a REDO of the Hardpoint file that came with the NX500 model that was recently realesed by Starship Premononition.


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Modifications Kobayashi Maru Special Edition Vol 2.1 CD Image

Here is the second version of the Kobayashi Maru CD Image, this is exactly the same as the 0.9.1 version of the kobayashi maru modification...


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Modifications SFP / O - Minotaur

The Minotour is similar to that of the Centaur Class, it is armed with TMP style weapons including ten dual turret phaser banks, two mega ph...


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Modifications SFPO Venturas

Another ship from the Starforce Productions/Outalance team, it's called Venturas.


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Modifications New HardPoint and some music (star wars)

This is a collection of music, to listen to as you play, and also it contains a Hardpoint.


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Modifications Terran Empire Iss Stargazer TMP v2.0

A "What If" ship from the TMP era. It is called a "What if" because the Terran Empire did not last well into the the late 2270's.


Modifications Kobayashi Maru 1.0 Full

The 1.0 version has all of the features of the first version and also has more included such as new ships, systems, scripts, weapons, bots i...


Modifications Stargate Pack v3 - Spoiler Warning!

The third version of the Stargate Pack which includes new ships, stations and even hyperspace. It should be noted that there are spoilers co...


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Modifications STBC v1.1 and Kobayashi Maru v1.0 Translation



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Modifications New HPs for Region 3

Here are some New Hardpoints to correct, the torpedos of the USS Victory an USS Renaissance,both of these were realesed some time ago (they...


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Modifications Shuttle Launch for TOS akira (1.0)

Here is a shuttle Launch setup for the, TOS Akira by Wiley Coyote, this will launch the Type1 shuttle rescaled by MScott.


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Modifications Dominion Heavy Cruiser (1.0)

Presenting the Dominion Heavy Cruiser by MScott.


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Modifications NX Akira

This is the NX Akira by RedLeader1701.


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Modifications New Hardpoints for your Abousaffy an Evenmore

Here are two, Yes count them two Hardpoints for your Abousaffy an Evenmore ships.


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Modifications Future Enterprise-E

This is a 'what if' ship. I changed the texture colour, weapons, shields, hull strength etc. She also carries a Breen weapon, you don't have...


Modifications BC Dress up Pack v2.0 (Red Alert)

from last version.Note: You do not need previous version for this to work.


Modifications Discovery (2.0)

Just doubleclick on Discovery1.0.bcmod and BCMI will do all for you.


Modifications BAZ1701 JJ Enterprise (V3.1)

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek XI version 3.0


Modifications Star Trek (2009) USS Enterprise (2.0)

This 23rd century ship is featured in the film Star Trek(2009).