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Modifications NCC_1701_J (3.0)

Enterprise J


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Modifications Baz1701's USS Kelvin Refit (1.0)

Named in honor of the USS Kelvin, Captained by George Samuel Kirk Snr.


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Modifications CG-Sovereign revamped (1.0)

This is a retexture of the famous Sovereign by Chronocidal Guy. I have thought about making it a little sharper and more like what we have s...


Modifications Nebula-Generating Weapon

This is a small modification which will allow the user to deploy a nebula-generating probe, after a short delay, the probe will explode into...


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Modifications Borg AI Final

purposes. Not sure if many will need it as most people know how to protect their KM version AI by now. This AI does not need KM to work, and...


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Modifications First Contact Cube FIX



Modifications Seeker Torpedo

give the seeking capabilities to which ever torpedo is currently loaded in the tubes. Ships or objects that either do not have impulse syst...


Modifications Frontier's Tech Pack

functionality with Galaxy Charts. The new tech include seven, three which are ship based. Four are projectile based. This modification works...


Modifications Dkyr Hardpoint;100895


Modifications Frontier's Tech Pack

based. Four are projectile based. This modification works with all A.I. ships. But be warned. Using this tech will give your enemy/opponents...


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Modifications Weapons and arcs icon remade

The title says it all this gives the phasers 2 dashes. The only bug is between the 2 dashes there is a black space. this was made in 3 min....


Modifications Galaxy Charts

This mod comes as a manual (cut & paste) only. For those of you who are familiar the old Starfleet Command and Star Trek: Armada serie...


Modifications Star Trek Bridge Commander mod The Aftermath

The first release of Aftermath for star trek bridge commander this version contains ships for the TNG era


Modifications Star Trek XI Mod

ST XIAdd some of the most important and Top downloaded Mods for BC for Example:nanoFX2.0bBCS:the BeginningAdds 2 more ridges to your install...


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Modifications QBStartShip & Bridge Selector

be compatible with USS_Frontier's Galaxy Charts v.2. This mod will add convenience to your BC gaming experience. It is recommended by the Au...


Modifications SHOOT Profile for Stock Bridge Commander

Shoot Voice Recognition software.* 350+ commands* Geared towards making BC a bridge simulator...lead your crew through an entire campaign wi...


Modifications DS9 Warp Flash

them appropriate for realistic NanoFX Warp Speed acceleration. Also I have added new rock like stardust which make the game more realistic....


Modifications Aftermath TOS War Pack

the klingons.Also included is a new hardpoint rebalancing for all ships previously released.


Modifications Star Trek XI Mod



Modifications E7s Realistic Nebulae

overwrite your current nebula texture files


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Modifications First Contact Single Player Mission

under "TNG." This is my first stab at mission scripting and I'm pretty happy with the results. Look forward to more missions if this one is...


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Modifications CG Sovereign SLF Upgrade

want to include some screen shots, people like to see thing before, they download them. -tiq-


Modifications DS9FX Xtended

Commander for a while, this version includes all of the features of the original version as well as a lot more. This version also includes m...


Modifications stosto3's torpedopack

torpedo replacements for all races currently only federation torpedoes I used graphics from dj curtis and mars shipyards