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Multi-Race Packs Balanced HP Collection

This HP Collection is Awsome. I haven't tested all the Ships with there modified Hardpoints but the ones I did were so cool so I figure tha...


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Multi-Race Packs Ships Hardpoints

Well what we have here is a bunch of ships hardpoints including (but not limited to lol) the steamrunner, tactical cube, tamarian warship an...


Multi-Race Packs Bird of Prey, Vor'cha and Warbird HP's

Here are some nice upgraded HP's for the Stock Totally Games Klingon Bird of Prey, Vor'cha and the Romulan Warbird. It gives each ships...


Multi-Race Packs TNG Ships Realistic Balanced Hardpoints

Here is a rebalanced TNG ships hardpoint pack for your enjoyment. Cheers!


Multi-Race Packs BC exp 1.1low for low spec pc's

This little fixes computers which have a 1.1 ghz computer clock speed or below or 258mb below included in your pc. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS P...


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Multi-Race Packs Harpoint Pack 22

This is what the creator says about this Harpoint Pack : "This package includes alot of ships and projectiles of the "Star Trek univers...


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Multi-Race Packs Standardized HP Pack

This is an idea I haven't thought of before. Basically its a bunch of hardpoints where subsystems have been sorted in order as well as giv...


Multi-Race Packs Cardassian/SteamrunnerA2 Upgrades

This is a nice Hardpoint kit that upgrades the keldon, Galor and Steamrunner. It Includes better sounds and torpedo textures as well. The To...


Multi-Race Packs Cardassian/Federation Nano Lights pack

This is a cool little pack that adds Lights and Blinkers to some cardassian ships and some Federation Ships. Take a look at the Screens!


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Multi-Race Packs HPStationsv1

This HP pack increses the explosive power of most of the starbases and stations. Remember to back up your current HP just incase! I am no...


Multi-Race Packs Balance of Terror HP

Although the original hardpoints were OK, they didn't really reflect the TOS episode "Balance of Terror" as well as I'd have liked in BC...


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Multi-Race Packs Canon Nemesis Enterprise and Valdore HPs

Description: This is a Sovereign and Norexan Class hardpoint that I made as canon as I could to ST: Nemesis. It is a modified version of t...


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Multi-Race Packs Canon Nemesis Enterprise and Valdore patch

Description: This is a Fix to the BSOD error created by a faulty sound def. I would like to heartily apologize, once again, for the error.


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