Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Multi-race Ship Packs

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Cannon 1.2b Models USS Donoghue 9.05MB 778
C2 extreme's 3 ship pack C2Extreme 1.31MB 1,547
Patch for C2extremes unofficial BC 1.2patch C2Extreme 773KB 9,690
Unofficial Bridge Commander Patch [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 3.45MB 4,624
Star Trek Nemesis Pack C2Extreme 9.73MB 14,868
BC1.2 Defiant Fix [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 19KB 1,222
Unofficial Bridge Commander Patch 1.3 (part 1) C2Extreme 16.47MB 8,412
UKBC multiplayer pack USS Donoghue 36.49MB 1,644
UKBC multiplayer pack 1.1 fix USS Donoghue 2.3MB 1,033
kuubuild067 Kenjar 51.71MB 2,290
KUU Excelsior Fix Kenjar 4.03MB 1,184
TMP - The Final Frontier USS Donoghue 10.02MB 2,866
STBC Patch 1.3 C2Extreme 2.93MB 6,380
TNG TFF (Beta Version) USS Donoghue 28.03MB 779
unimodpack3 Unimatrix One 40.15MB 1,495
unimodpack1 Unimatrix One 21.45MB 1,503
unimodpack2 Unimatrix One 11.33MB 1,260
unimodpack4 Unimatrix One 89.3MB 2,033
DarkGunman's BC Improvements Pack DarkGunman 149.64MB 13,685
Klingon Defence Force: Total Conversion USS Phoenix 53.94MB 3,102
TOS Supermod: Enemies Starforce Productions Team 2.49MB 1,543
Fbcmp full Hary74656 113.79MB 2,762
Favor The Bold Alpha Release Trekmods Team 122.28MB 1,199
Cardassian Hutet and Mobile Dominion Ketracel White Facility blurb23 4.4MB 820
Kobyashi Maru V091 Lite installer F!refox 144.99MB 1,489
KM Pimped P$YCH0 64.18MB 11,027
KUU for BC 1.1 Kenjar 52.31MB 404
Kobayashi Maru Pimped Update 1 P$YCH0 2.47MB 5,131
Mobile Dominion Ketracel White Facility blurb23 2.29MB 473
BC Supermod 3 CaptainRussell 294.65MB 9,685
"The Armada Project" - Fleet pack N1GH7H4WK 4.69MB 602
Flowrellik's Ship Pack with Hardpoints CaesarGorandius 60.39MB 22