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No Hardpoints Nova Waverider

The Waverider is an atmospheric shuttle craft in service aboard Federation Nova-class starships. Unlike other auxillary craft, the Waverider...


No Hardpoints DX Conselation

A constelation model in BCmod format.


No Hardpoints DX Majestic

Excelcior class by DamocelesX


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No Hardpoints Hydran Corsair

A hydran corsair. Looks sorta like a membari ship crossed with a third space battlecruiser (the B5-ers will know what I mean). Either way, t...


No Hardpoints Unmodded-Antique starship

Here is a great early Earth warpship model. It has old style rocket cones and a primitive looking design. The textures are all hand drawn. T...


No Hardpoints Achilies Conversion

Deemons 1200 poly achilies converted. Scaled to roughly 615 meters. High and low res textures and rendered tactical display icon included.


No Hardpoints Andromedan Starbase

Taldren released this from a game that never was. Enjoy this extra-galatic battlestation. This ship comes unmodded with all required texture...


No Hardpoints Atolms Titan Class

Atolms titan class has combined features from the galaxy and soverign classes to produce perhaps one of the ugliest ships in the federation.


No Hardpoints Monitor Model

Contains the Covnerted model, textures and icon for the Monitor class. This ship is a large, ambassador sized cruiser. The textures are hand...


No Hardpoints Atlas class Model

Atolms TMP Atlas cruiser. Unscripted. Most of atolms feds need phaserbanks and registries, which is why I'm not hardpointing them (no place...


No Hardpoints Lord Biles Equinox

Here is a great looking nova class model by LordBile. COvnerted with low res textures and ship icon.


No Hardpoints LordBiles Intrepid

Lord Biles Intrepids class. COnverted with low res textures and ship icon.


No Hardpoints Lord Biles Diamondhead Class

A Late TMP cruiser based somewhat on the Akira design.


No Hardpoints Lord Biles Kestral Klingon battleship

A massive battlecruiser. Converted and low res textured.


No Hardpoints Starfleet Museum Armarillo

Armarillo class. Comes with a palceholder hardpoint and is in bcmod formatt.


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No Hardpoints Starfleet Museum Bison class

Bison class vessel. Has a placeholder HP and comes in BCmod formatt. Needs a proper script.


No Hardpoints Lincoln TMP Deadalus

TMP styled Deadalus class. Placeholder hardpoints and BCmod installer, needs a proper script.


No Hardpoints Futurama's Planet Express

This ship comes with high res textures, should you have the desire and skill to make alterations. The author has given to ok to alter this v...


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No Hardpoints TOS Romulan scout

Light blue in color. The engines have sparkling heads and blue rear coils.


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No Hardpoints Gorn Venator

This Gorn is for tmp era. It features a colorful aztec like pattern.


No Hardpoints Saberclaw

An excelent version of the enterprise Romulan BOP. Engines are well lit and textured, probably better than the original. Texture is a bit fl...


No Hardpoints Cardassian Kaldor class

This is the cardassian battleship from the Mellenium Project. It is low poly, being under 700. This would be a great model to use as a refer...


No Hardpoints Preator Class (romulan)

This battleship is intended to be an early warbird stile design. You may want to modify the lighting as it appears to be a bit excessive i...


No Hardpoints Dera romulan supervessel

a really big, 2 headed tng era warbird.


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