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No Hardpoints UES Hope model

A Federatiom Romulan war era medical ship.


No Hardpoints Pretos Andromedan cruiser

This Pre-tos Andromeda galaxy vessel has catamaran nacelles in addition to the traditional design features.


No Hardpoints Federation Cow Tanker

This is a Tanker that has been painted like a gateway computer box.


No Hardpoints Olympus Mounds

Olympus Mounds class Vessel.


No Hardpoints Scorpii Romulan warship

A Romulan warship. This one is also squid like, with large glowing romulan bird logos.


No Hardpoints Tarus Romulan vessel

This is a small, cone shapped romulan cruiser.


No Hardpoints Tannhaeuser

This big ship has a pair of large turrets on the sides.


No Hardpoints Lyran Ocelot

A lynran cruiser model


No Hardpoints Space Kraken model

Space Kraken Biological Space creature


No Hardpoints Gorn Void Dragon

Void Dragon post TNG Gorn vessel


No Hardpoints Lil Sarah Nell Type

This is a low poly Nell type Vessel.


No Hardpoints TOS style ringdrive Intrepid (model only)

Another by Atolm. Look at the readme, it is a model.


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