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No Hardpoints Harpy romulan supercarrier

This vessel carries 4 cruisers in the open area at it's center. Empty version included. Cruisers sold separatley :D


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No Hardpoints War Eagle

Here is the single cruiser model found in the Harpy carrier.


No Hardpoints 7 ship romulan fleet pack

Contains 7 ships. Each of them use the same set of textures, so they've all be included in one pack. They are mainly cruisers or destroyer...


No Hardpoints TOS Yamamoto

This is an excelent quality TOS model with average poly count. (I believe around 4000 or so). It is covnerted and ready for hardpointing.


No Hardpoints TOS-TMP Star Empire

Starempire is a crossover dreadnought between tos and tmp.


No Hardpoints NCC-1701

An Excelent quality TOS Enterprise model.


No Hardpoints Saladin/Hermes scout

An Excelent quality TOS Saladin class.


No Hardpoints Interstellar Consordium 7 pack

Gives you models of 7 classes of those neat, multicolored alien raiders from SFC.


No Hardpoints Particle class Excelcior-C

One of Lord Vaders earlier models, Atolms excelcior C concept. The model is not overly impressive, the textures aren't the best in spots an...


No Hardpoints Asimov

Here is a wild design for a future ship. It is a federation vessel with a biological hull and stolen borg technology. A bit to wild for my...


No Hardpoints Low poly intrepid+warship voyager variant

Unscripted voyager, plus a warship voyager 3rd nacelle variant. These ships are low poly, around 1000 poly.


No Hardpoints 2 Experimental Romulan Destroyers

Leftover from the defunct unione modpack 5, here are 2 romulan destroyers by Cleeve.


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No Hardpoints Romulan battlestation

Lefttover model from the defunct unione modpack 5. It's huge!


No Hardpoints Rakellian attackship model

a small attack ship from sfc3, no hardpoints.


No Hardpoints Rakellian Cargo vessel

a Cargo vessel from sfc3. No Hp's.


No Hardpoints Rakellian CL

A light cruiser from SFC3. No hp's.


No Hardpoints Breen DN

An excelently detailed Breen DN


No Hardpoints Breen BB

An excelelntly detailed BB model.


No Hardpoints Breen BCH

An excelently detailed BCH model.


No Hardpoints Breen CA

An excelently detailed Breem CA model


No Hardpoints Breen CL

an excelently detailed Breen CL.


No Hardpoints Breen DD

an excelently detailed breen DD


No Hardpoints Excelsior Pocket DN kitbash

This is the version using the old p81 excelcior textures. Since it's already converted and the new gafy textures are available, along with...


No Hardpoints NX Tankmaster

This is another Klingon ship model for the Enterprise-era.


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