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Objects Asteroid Textures

First MOD from this guy. New texture for asteriods give BC something new. Slightly different from the original asteriods but gives a littl...


Objects D&G's Nebula and Atmosphere Effects

This contains new atmosphere effects and new nebula effects for the Belarus & Vesuvi systems. Both of the Nebulas are very detailed. The neb...


Objects 1000m Grey Asteroid

This is a 1000m astroid, which comes with a targeting icon. Hide them as weapon stations in an asertoid field, or just to add something n...


Objects Irregular Red Asteroid

An irregular asteroid who smaller dimention is 500m. Includes matching targeting icon.


Objects Hidden Core

This is an asteriod with a high yield explosive within. It can be added to quick battle games, and maps. This asteroid is very useful for mi...


Objects High Res Asteroids

These replace the stock asteroid textures with pictures from NASA adapted for BC useage.


Objects TNG Dyson Sphere

This is a QB map of the Dyson Sphere from the Star Trek The Next Generation Episode: Relics. (That's the one with Scotty in case you don'...


Objects The Trap -QuanTar-

Ancient QuanTar (Trap) this trap was designed to be used with QBR23, But works well in regular QB from the readme "This is a very anci...


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