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Official Releases Voice profiles for Game Commander 2 & Game Voice

These are the profiles for Game Commander & Game voice for Bridge Commander. Easy installation, the readme's are below. Thanks to...


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Official Releases PDF Instruction Manual

This is the manual that comes with the Bridge Commander CD. It contains all the info you will ever need on Bridge Commander, game wise....


Official Releases Star Trek: Bridge Commander v1.1 Patch

Its here, the First Bridge Commander patch.Fixes Include:Added capability for multiplayer hosts to ban players Problem in E6M5 wit...


Official Releases Star Trek: Bridge Commander SDK (incl. MPE)

Full details laterNew SDK is how here.Released by totally games.This gives you new Documentation, Script Changes, whole lot of thing...


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Videos Teaser Movie

Teaser movie that is found on the Armada 2 CD for BC's on going promotion. The teaser has ships getting blown to bits, romulan warbirds,...


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Videos Star Trek Bridge Commander Trailer 3

Watch a trailer that shows more than 30 seconds of gameplay footage. Early video but still worth a gander.


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Videos Star Trek Bridge Commander Trailer 2

This trailer was shown at E3 2001 for promoting BC, worth a look if your a trekkie.


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Videos Star Trek Bridge Commander Trailer 1

Federation ships streak across space in this short trailer. Very nice, get it.


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Videos Rendered Cinematics Video

Amazing footage of rendered cinematics from Bridge Commander. This is a must get. The quality is good, shows excellent footage of ships....


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Videos Bridge Commander Trailer

Bridge Commander trailer from Gamespot. Its 48 seconds long. Romulans, Cardassians, Starbases and more. Some pretty good footage of the...


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Videos USS Stealth Preview Video

This is a preview video for the upcoming release of the USS Stealth. Presented in HD. No screenshots included because it's not necessary.


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Patches USS Montana

This will upgrade the USS Montana to allow her to fire 4 phaser banks at the same time! :D


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Patches Norway patch

This is a patch for Deemons norway class by starforce productions. Some of you may have noticed the foreward phaser bank does not appear...


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Patches Fleetyards Galaxy Saucer Fix

This will make the galaxy saucer from fleetyards finally work perfectly. its awesom it has phasers and a rear trop. Note: This fix is for...


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Patches Phobos Patch Re-release

This is a rerelease of the phobos patch to correct an error with the warp core.


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Patches Fca Patch

Patches this file: See readme for fixes.


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Patches Hig Hurtenflurst Excalibur Patch

This is a patch for the Hig Hurtenflurst Excalibur which includes the missing hardpoints from the download. You'll need the full version b...


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Patches NgaQduj FASA V1 BC Vmelak patch

Fixes ther ship species typo in the three ships. The klingon torp cruiser was listed as AMBASSADOR, the other 2 Warbird when it should have...


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Patches MVAM Armored Voayger SFX Fix

This Mod will fix the SFX of your MVAM armoured Voyager by F&G Prductions and MRJOHN. It changes the SFX when you deploy armor from the MVA...


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Patches Ambassador Class Fix

This is a Fix for the Ambassador Class Enterprise Pack and the TNG ambassador pack. This addes torpedo tube textures and a ventral phaser to...


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Patches Starslayer Pompeii Pleiades patch

I discovered the 3 excelciors above never got patched to have all the mistakes fixed. All the fixes and for what ships are explained in the...


Patches USS Beliskner Galaxy class war refit Patch

This includes a couple of fixes for the USS Beliskner War Refit Galaxy that I released a few months ago, First: I fixed a typo in the fol...


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Patches Hershio Patch

This patch fixes several bugs on the Hershio:;69913...


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Patches U.S.S. Dauntless

You Asked so jbo6 provided This fix, which fix the torpedo sfx problem which some of you are having and the problem with the ship not expl...


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