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Romulan Talgoran-Romulan BoP

This is a large romulan bird of prey made by ninjadriver. It has huge green wings, complete with windows and spotlights. It's ballanced to t...


Romulan Killer Hawk

An excelent looking tri-nacelled romulan ship. SOmeone of you may remember this from aramda as the "senator class".


Romulan Andurils Romulan Kerchan

This is probably the most detailed Romulan ship out there so far, very nicely detailed and balanced with the other TNG era ships, one of my...


Romulan Romulan predator

A defenite TOS ship, this mean looking romulan sports the simple tos style texture and design, including the large bird pattern, both dorsal...


Romulan Romulan Battlebird

Here is something new from the Romulan Star Empire- The Romulan Battlebird ! This is a scaled down version of the D'Veridex Warbird. This is...


Romulan Romulan captured Galaxy class

A reasonably powered, slighly overshielded galaxy class. Has plenty of romulan weapons, and green plasma manifolds. Also has pulse phaser mo...


Romulan SFC3 Romulan heavy cruiser

This is the romulan heavy from SFC3. It's slow and fairly week, but is quite nice to look at. It has a few bugs, like maily weak stats and...


Romulan Romulan Firehawk

The Firehawk is perhaps one of the most stunning romulan ships I have ever seen, which is one of the reasons I decided to do it. It comes in...


Romulan Nagus Biglobes D'Deridix

This adds another version of the stock Warbird to your game, it has a much beefier HP. I really enjoyed using it to destroy galors. If yo...


Romulan Romulan Heavy

This is the Romulan Heavy from SFC3. The ship is very nice, the only problem I found was the increadibly long recharge rate on the phasers,...


Romulan FIrehawk texture pack

These are the original textures for the model. They have a darker hull and a bright orange bird pattern on the bottom. Both styles of textur...


Romulan Vorath Battlebird

Updates include properly scaled model to 412m, and fixes to the tactical icons, and low res textures provided. This Romulan ship is stronger...


Romulan Ddmad bop

Second version of the Ddmad features a swapped engine texture from another one of nightsofts bop's, so as to give the impulse engine grille...


Romulan Dvethex bop

The midrange bop, it is more manuverable than the Dmad, but less shielding and weapons. Although lacking in armored fins, it now has 2 bean...


Romulan Vdan bop

The smallest BOP, this version is the fastest and most manuverable, containing no armored plating, no exposed nacelle manifolds and the 2 no...


Romulan Romulan Heavy Cruiser

Another original mesh by Darkmatrix, I quite like this one.


Romulan Romulan Tal Shiar Hawk

Here is a cool new ship to add to your collection, the Tal Shiar Hawk. She's a beauty to behold, and can handle herself well in the battle a...


Romulan U1 Romulan Frigate

Here is a nice lil rom ship for ya.


Romulan Romulan Battleship

A nice romulan ship by Darkmatrix. This is an original model, not a conversion. Hardpoints by MRJOHN.


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Romulan Romulan Shuttle

Romulan shuttle converted out of SFC 3


Romulan Romulan Nierrh

This is a new Romulan Ship created by Cleeve for SFC. Conversion done by MRJOHN. Requires the Advanced Technologies Pack 1 or greater.


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Romulan Vdan Patch

This is a nif only. There was a nearly undetecable flaw in the first model. The strip of hull behind the impulse drive was not textured and...


Romulan U1 Romulan Shrike ship

The is the same ship from Aramada 1


Romulan U1 Shadow class

Okay this a armada 1 ship. It's not like the one in armada 1 it's missing the phase thing and has too many weapons.


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