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Romulan Marius class Warbird

This will upgrade the warbird... It will give the warbird 3 Plasma Tubes, 1 Disruptor Beam & 4 Hellbore Disruptors


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Romulan Advanced Romulan Warbird HPS

This mod will give the Warbird: Stronger Hull and Shields. More powerful weaponry and upgraded engiens. This will install as a seperate ship...


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Romulan Romulan warbird upgrade

Makes the warbird tougher by adding more weapons, such as dorsal and aft beam weapons. Still needs work. The shields and weapons system hitp...


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Romulan MAV Warbird

Here is an upgrade to the Romulan Warbird. The modified hardpoints in this mod will allow the the Warbird to have better fiering arcs. Added...


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Romulan Elminster's Warbird Update

great job elminster this is great umm one little thing i didnt like is 2 of them can destroy a sovereign so you might wanna power down a...


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Romulan Romulan warbird upgrade

Gives the romulan warbird more weapons and makes it faster. I didn't notice too much more agility, it spent most of the time exceeding 32km...


Romulan Canon Valdore HP Beta

These are taken from the Nemesis movie. Tthe disruptors fire is more canon, and the torps are very well done. The pulse disruptor cannon...


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Romulan Hardpoint For Stock Warbird

This is a HP Upgrade for the Stock Warbird.


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Romulan Elminsters Firehawk Update

Here is an intresting update to Starforce's Romulan Firehawk. This Hardpoint will correct the "out of control" inertial spin, when the sh...


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Romulan C2X warbird Upgrade HP

Gives navlights (if you have nanofx2) as well as additional weapons and new torpedo fx.


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Romulan Black Patriot Norexan HP

This is a new HP for C2's Valdore


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Romulan WingedDefender Patch

Fixes a couple of quick stats on the pulse cannons that I missed. Eliminates the minimum fire charge and increases the range to where I want...


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Romulan Z1 Nova powerdown Patch

FILE PLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS goes to scripts/tactical/projectiles The hardpoint is optional, if you want the ship...


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Romulan HPNorexan

A simple Hardpoint modification that adds two aft firing disruptor ports to the Romulan Norexan. This is recommended as this does make this...


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Romulan hpnorexanv3

"this HP gives the Norexan (valdore) some added fire power on the port and starboard sides as well as on dorsal, ventral and aft" looki...


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Romulan hpnorexanv4

Another Hardpoint improvment for the Norexan class Warbird - this fixes the disruptor bug from version 3


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Romulan Blinkers For Romulan Shuttle

This is a hardpoint made by TiqHud that adds Nano FX blinkers to the Romulan Shuttle Craft. Nano FX 2.0 Beta is required for this, and ob...


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Romulan Blinkers for Warbird

Adds blinkers to the stock romulan Warbird


Romulan Valdore HP - Disruptors Only

New alternate hardpoint for the recently released Valdore located here:


Romulan Scimitar HP upgrade

A hardpoint for the Scimitar that will turn her into a quasi-god ship. New sounds included.


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Romulan Brightone HP update

Some icon fixing for the ship:;32768


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Romulan HP for warbird

an HP upgrade for the Rom Warbird


Romulan Romulan King Condor

Hey Guys Sci Fi Here We Got Another Patch Ship Ready to Release  this is a Romulan Condor Class which its in the Excelsior Era  so...


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