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Schematics Constitution Schematics

This is a schematic of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. It's pretty well done and could be of great help to anyone planning to make a model of...


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Schematics Nemisis Vessel size chart

Just what the name implys. It shows the canon sizes of the Valdor, Scimitar, and soverign, for anyone wishing to model them.


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Schematics Canon Nemesis Enterprise E Pictures

These are pictures of the refit conversions of the Enterprise E in Star Trek Nemesis, Shows updated torpedo tubes Etc. Great tool for any mo...


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Schematics Achilies data

This is a document file containing information on the strength of the achilies and types of weapons/locations it has. Should prove usefull f...


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Schematics soveriegn specs_

I dont know how to open the file but maybe one you people can use it.


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The read me says who sent it in but I'm not giving credit to him for making it so it will say Unknown./Amomymous.


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Schematics Sovereign Specs and Diagrams

Includes some information on the Sovereign Class and diagrams of the bridge and engineering from No developer name...


Schematics Dominon War Part 1

This is the first video from our beloved Nebula. You may remember him from such activites as PoTD, and news posting. This features the domio...


Schematics Tactical Systems Display Guide

This is something I made quickly for people that have trouble understanding the Tactical Systems Display on the Enterprise A Bridge 1.5....


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