Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Screensavers 1701E Screensaver

This is a screensaver of the Enterprise NCC-1701E. Definetly a good addition to any trek themed computer.


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Screensavers Spottys Screensaver

This is a great new Trek screensaver for all you trek fans to stare at. Its designed for the 1024x768 resolution and may look strange if...


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Screensavers Star Trek Flash Movie

This is a Flash star trek movie which is kind of funny, it uses some ships and graphics from bc.


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Screensavers screensaver 2.0

this is a screensaver that shows some screenshots taken from Bridge Commander


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Screensavers BC Screenshot Pack

Here is a pack of 159 screenshots, these are screenshots from Various POTDs and Files. Most of these are very good pictures, however there a...


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Screensavers ST: Bridge Commander TNG Screensaver

This is a Screen saver set to the original TNG soundtrack. Featuring the "Stock" Galaxy Class Enterprise-D. All the images are fitted to...


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